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We’ll help you discover which equipment is the right one for you. Expand your client base or delight your current customers with new product offerings when you bring a new service on board! Our broad selection of user-friendly sublimation, solvent and laser transfer printers is curated for quality, so you can feel confident that you aren’t spending too much time on the phone troubleshooting with tech support or fixing printing mistakes in the middle of production.

We stand behind the brands and products we carry, and our top-notch customer service team is always standing by to help walk you through your purchase and ensure you’re getting everything you need to upgrade your growing business. Whether you’re looking to decorate accessories, apparel, hard surfaces, or all of the above, we’ve got the equipment and supplies necessary to fit your unique business needs. Tell us about your vision and business goals, and we’ll assist you in picking out a printer that’s guaranteed to help you get the job done right the first time.

How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

Many of the printers we carry are manufactured for sublimation printing, which can be a very profitable decoration addition if your business is already selling custom apparel. Whether you are looking to print on T-shirts, mugs, jerseys, fabric, or other decorative items, it is important to understand how sublimation works to ensure you are printing your items correctly. This printing technique allows the sublimation ink to become a part of the mug or T-shirt (also known as the substrate). This method of printing is different from screen printing because the ink does not simply sit on top of the substrate – it actually becomes a part of the substrate. Everything about the sublimation process is very specific. It requires the use of special ink, unique transfer paper, and a printer designed specifically to print sublimation inks. Sublimation can seem a little confusing at first, but once you learn the process and get the right equipment in place, you’ll be able to start printing the products you want in no time. Because we know that not every company’s vision or budget is the same, we offer many sublimation printers to choose from at a variety of price points for decorators of all experience levels. As for the process, sublimation starts with the ink. The special sublimation ink is first printed onto the transfer paper – then the paper is fixed to the substrate before the design is pressed onto its surface using a heat press. Once the correct temperature is achieved, the ink turns into a gas and the pores of the substrate open up. The gas seeps into the pores, and the pores enclose around the ink after the paper is removed and the item has cooled. This process ensures that your final print is durable and withstands any practical wear and tear.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing Over Screen Printing:

Although the two decoration methods are vastly different, sublimation printing has several major benefits over traditional screen printing. The most obvious benefit, as listed above, is the fact that sublimation allows the ink to be permanently sealed into the product. This means no matter how many washes or uses your customer puts the item through, the design will not crack or fade. Another advantage is that sublimation provides a silky-smooth finish on hard surfaces and a soft hand on apparel products, whereas screen printing can sometimes have a gritty or sandpaper texture. Perhaps the most important reason to opt for sublimation over screen printing is that it's both economical and efficient. Screen printing can be expensive, as it requires you to create several screens to produce multi-colored products. Since you are using a printer that puts out all of the ink colors at once, sublimation allows you to use one piece of transfer paper per product. You will save time and money in the long run, and you won't find yourself turning down paying customers due to the inability to produce their orders at a reasonable price. Sublimation printing allows you to expand your creativity and work with a variety of colors and resolutions. You’ll be able to produce shadows, gradients and photographs without the hassle of converting the design to halftones and lines for screen prepping, which will save you time and allow you to get orders produced faster and more efficiently.

Are you already personalizing and selling custom apparel? Do you find yourself involved in many client projects that would benefit from full-color or full-bleed sublimation printing? Would you like advice about which printer would be best for the size and scale of your decoration business? If you are unsure about which sublimation, solvent or laser printer and heat transfer supplies are right for you, our team of industry pros can help get you equipped for success. We offer a wide selection of reliable printers with premium features at wholesale prices that will meet your business needs without draining your wallet. Let us help you grow your business the right way from day one!

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