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Stock Up Now on Your Preferred Sublimation Ink and Toner Products and Begin Printing With Confidence

Whether you are printing with one small format desktop sublimation printer or several wide format printers, inks and toner are not items that you want to be caught without during high production times. Keeping your shop or your production space stocked with sublimation ink and toner is a must to ensure you can complete last-minute rush orders and continue with dye sublimation printing when supplies run low. Wondering which type or which brand of sublimation printer ink you need that’s compatible with your sublimation printer? Let us know! Our product support team is always ready to walk you through your purchase or offer extra dye sublimation printing advice to help keep your business growing and succeeding.

What Is Sublimation Ink and How Is It Different From Regular Printer Ink?

Sublimation may seem overwhelming and complicated to those decorators who are unfamiliar with the dye sublimation printing process or who are brand new to offering sublimation as a service – but do not worry, as sublimation is easy to get started. The basic printing equipment that you need to get production underway is a sublimation printer, sublimation inks, sublimation paper, sublimation blanks, and a good quality heat press. In terms of the sublimation printing process, great products start with a good quality set of inks. The special sublimation ink is technically translucent, and when the solid inks are exposed to heat and pressure, the ink bypasses the liquid stage and becomes a gas. Specialty sublimation inks are first printed onto sublimation heat transfer paper, then the sublimation paper is held in place on top of the substrate with thermal tape or thermal adhesive before the substrate is pressed using a heat press. When the correct combination of time, pressure and temperature is achieved, the pores of the substrate open up. The sublimation inks turn into gas, and the gas seeps into the pores of the substrate. While the substrate is cooling, the pores will close around the ink and produce a durable image that is visible after the paper is removed. Regular inkjet printers deposit water-based inks that contain drying agents and pigments onto paper in formations made up of small dots. Colors and hues are controlled by where the liquid ink is sprayed on the page. Both types of printers are useful for different applications.

Do you need to invest in sublimation printing inks or toner and need help choosing which inks are right for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our product support team – they will help give you some insight as to which toner or ink products are best for your dye sublimation printer. Coastal offers an all-encompassing collection of premium and reliable sublimation inks and toner at wholesale prices that are certain to meet your business needs. Shop with us today for the best in sublimation papers, printers, inks, blanks and more!

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