Vinyl Cutters

Cut Through the Competition – Begin Personalizing Dozens of Products Using Heat Transfer Vinyl With the Push of a Button

It all starts here, with a high-quality cutter. Cutting heat transfer vinyl should be as easy to cut as it is easy to press. With our broad range of easy-to-use and economical vinyl cutters and plotters, you can feel satisfied that you aren’t wasting your time troubleshooting your equipment or over-cutting every roll in your vinyl stock, making it easy to get back to doing what you love – producing personalized merchandise and fine-tuning your growing business.

Because we know that not every company’s vision or budget is the same, we have put together a collection of vinyl cutters and plotters that afford decorators of all calibers the ability to customize an array of items with ease, and we have a team of technical support to back up every vinyl cutter we carry. Whether you’re looking to decorate apparel, accessories, hard surfaces, or all of the above, we’ve got the resources and supplies to keep you covered. Let us help you choose the best equipment to fit your production and your budget needs – give us some insight on your business goals, and we’ll find a vinyl cutter that’s guaranteed to help you get the job done right the first time.

How Does a Vinyl Cutter Work?

A vinyl cutter, also known as a vinyl cutter plotter, is a computerized machine that uses a small blade to cut the outlines of a digital image on a sheet of vinyl, but without cutting the release liner. The machine is similar to a regular printer, except that it has a knife instead of an ink cartridge. The knife moves from side to side and turns to precisely cut the sheet of vinyl moving beneath it.

A vinyl cutter’s blade moves on the X and Y axis of the printing area while the vinyl rolls beneath it. The precise movements of the blade and the rolling of vinyl is handled by a computer, which ensures that the right points on the material are cut. With a computer, users can send images and cut files from the computer to the plotter, which allows the heat transfer vinyl to be cut into shapes, letters, numbers, or patterns.

After cutting the image on the vinyl, the next step is removing any unwanted parts of the images or figures from the liner. This process is known as ”weeding”. If the positive side of the cut vinyl is removed from the offloading liner, the resulting effect is a negative sticker and vice versa.

To create the vinyl graphics as they appear on the computer monitor, a transfer tape sheet with an adhesive back is placed on the already weeded vinyl film. The tape will stick properly when the vinyl goes through the roller. If you’ve never experimented with a heat transfer vinyl cutter before, all of this may sound confusing! Our tech support team is more than happy to help walk you through the vinyl process and answer any questions you may have about HTV production.

Benefits of Using a Vinyl Cutter Machine:

When it comes to using vinyl for outdoor signage, utilizing a vinyl cutting machine is the most cost-effective way to produce and personalize vinyl signs or outdoor decor. Here are the top advantages of owning a vinyl cutter machine:

  1. Vinyl plotters cut vinyl fast and produce high-quality output. A vinyl cutter can produce vinyl signs of professional quality that can be used anywhere (as long as you are using premium vinyl that is meant for the sign’s environment).
  2. Vinyl cutters are cost-effective when it comes to production. A good vinyl plotter is suitable for heavy use while still maintaining low running costs.
  3. Heat transfer vinyl production is generally easy to master. With the right software, designing signage graphics and cutting them is not hard to learn. A vinyl cutting system typically comes with two sign making programs included.
  4. Vinyl cutters and plotters can be used for multiple applications. The versatility of a vinyl cutter means you can easily produce many cut-outs ranging from decals and paper prototypes to stickers and custom apparel designs.
  5. Vinyl cutters and plotters are easy to manage. The blades of a vinyl cutter are very durable and require little maintenance, such as sharpening and cleaning.

Are you involved in many printing projects that require or would benefit from vinyl cutting? Need advice about which vinyl cutter or plotter would be best for your personalization business? If you are unsure about which vinyl cutter or heat transfer supplies are right for you, our team of industry experts can help point you in the right direction. We offer a wide selection of reliable vinyl cutters with unbeatable features at wholesale prices that will meet your business needs without breaking the bank. Let us help you grow your business the right way – right from the start!

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