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The transition from running a profitable small format business to maintaining a successful high-volume sublimation enterprise starts with a top-notch printer that can handle a steady influx of orders without triggering consistent troubleshooting. Our commitment to providing the best equipment and education in the personalization industry guarantees that you’ll only find the best large format printers on the market when browsing our selection. Those found in our collection of Epson large format sublimation printers are manufactured to withstand the strain of everyday use and produce brilliant, full color results that you can be proud of. If you’re ready to purchase a wide format printer, you’ll want to consider what your best-selling custom items are and how quickly you will need personalized products turned around. You’ll also want to take note of your production space to ensure any new printing equipment will fit in your shop. Most industrial sublimation printers can be used to print designs that can be pressed on an array of substrates and materials, including fabric, ceramic, wood, tile, metal and more. These Epson sublimation printers are commonly used for printing large quantities of T-shirts, jerseys, mugs, cut-and-sew outfits, leggings, and other products normally found in a retail store. Due to the complexity of the nature and installation of these Epson large format printers, we recommend giving our team a call to find out which printer is the right fit for your business.

How Does Sublimation Printing Work?

Depending on which sublimation printer you choose, the features will vary, and the capabilities will differ – but our Epson large format printers essentially function the same way. Sublimation printing on a large scale can be a very profitable decoration service, especially if your business is already selling custom apparel. Whether you are looking to print on T-shirts, jerseys, fabric, or other decorative items, it is important to understand how the sublimation process is conducted to ensure you are printing your items correctly. This printing method allows the sublimation ink to permanently transfer onto a product and become a part of the mug, T-shirt, or other products (also known as the substrate). This method of printing is different from other decoration techniques, such as screen printing, because the ink does not simply sit on top of the substrate – it actually becomes a part of the substrate. Sublimation requires its own printing equipment, transfer paper, inks, and blank substrates. Due to the science behind the transfer process and its ability to create permanent results, sublimation is unsurpassed in producing items with premium image quality and durability. What does the dye sublimation printing process involve? The element that makes dye sublimation printing unique is the fact that the sublimation ink bonds with the polymer surface instead of resting on it (as it does with traditional transfer prints). The special sublimation ink is first printed onto transfer paper – then the paper is fixed to the substrate before the design is pressed to its surface using a heat press. Once the correct temperature is achieved, the ink turns into a gas and the pores of the substrate open up. The gas seeps into the pores, and the pores enclose around the ink after the paper is removed and the item has cooled. This process ensures that your final print is durable and withstands any practical wear and tear.

Types of Surfaces Suitable for Sublimation Printing:

Because polymer plastic is the only type of material that has a suitable molecular structure for the sublimation process to occur, specific blank items must be used in production. You’ll want to ensure you are printing on products that possess appropriate printing surfaces for the sublimation process. Substrates must be made of pure synthetic fabric, polymer plastic, or a surface coated with a thin polymer film. Examples of these materials are polyester, acetate rayon, acrylic fabrics, polymer coffee mugs, and wood planks coated with clear resin. All sublimation blanks sold by Coastal Business Supplies contain the correct coating and can be used in sublimation printing production. Additionally, sublimation inks are transparent, so it is necessary to print on white or light-colored substrates, as the image will not show properly on dark backgrounds.

Benefits of Sublimation Printing:

Dye sublimation printing has outstanding benefits. Because the ink is absorbed into the substrate, it is as permanent as the surface it is printed on. Sublimation inks do not fade, peel, or crack and are undetectable to the touch. The production process does not use screens or plates to transfer blocks of color, so the printing results are as smoothly blended and shaded as a full-color photograph.

Printing Equipment Considerations:

The process requires specialized equipment and supplies, all of which can be found here at Coastal Business Supplies. Paper is available in sheets, rolls, and patches sized for mugs. Sublimation inks are packaged in standard CMYK sets; additionally, some sets offer expanded ranges containing less saturated and fluorescent colors. Wide-format printers, including the Epson SureColor line, have widths of 44 and 64 inches, so you’ll want to measure your production space to ensure you have an appropriate amount of room to house this printing equipment. Although sublimation has its limitations, there are little to no other printing methods that match that of sublimation in terms of image quality and durability.

Are you already customizing and selling personalized products in large quantities? Do you find yourself involved in many customer projects that would benefit from full-color or full-bleed sublimation printing? Would you like advice about which Epson sublimation printer would be best for the size and scale of your decoration business? If you are unsure about which Epson printer or supplies are right for you, our team of sublimation experts can help get you set up for success. We offer a wide selection of reliable Epson large format printers with premium features that will meet your growing business needs. Shop with us today for all the Epson sublimation printers and supplies you need to upgrade your business and increase your profit potential!

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