12 oz. Double-Walled Polymer Sublimation Tumbler


Create personalized travel mugs with these 12 oz. polymer tumblers for sublimation! Transfer vibrant images and designs to their durable, double-walled polymer wrap.  With the ability to hold hot or cold drinks, you can add a stylish and premium tumbler to your daily drink routine.

For pressing with a mug press, the insert metal tool is required.


  • 12 oz. sublimation tumbler blanks with screw on lid
  • Printable polymer outer wrap
  • Plastic inner tank
  • Can contain cold or hot beverages
  • Food grade material, BPA-free

4-in-1 Press

Pre heat tumbler jig to 320F.

Press tumbler with jig at 320°F for 180 seconds with light to medium pressure.


HIX Oven

Press with Silicone Wrap.

Use silicone wrap and press at 400°F for 6.5 minutes.

Putting the Item Together

The item comes separated from the inner lining. To put the two items together, line up the arrows on the grooves and press together firmly.

More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Finish Matte