White Ceramic Sublimation Shot Glass - 1.5oz.

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The average shot glass might not leave you with many memories, but our sublimatable ceramic shot glass certainly will! These shot glasses make the perfect personalized gift for party animals! Celebrate 21st birthdays, promote your restaurant or bar, or create a personalized collection for unique tipplers.


  • Capacity: 1.5 oz
  • Gloss White Finish
  • Imprintable Area: Approximately 2.5"" x 5""
  • For use with a Mug Press with the Shot Glass Element or an Oven with a Shot Glass Wrap
Note: You MUST use the Shot Glass Element if you are using a Mug Press!

Mug Master Pro Mug Press

Idle Temperature: 380°F
Press Temperature: 385°F
Time: 180 Seconds
Pressure: Firm

  • Tape the sublimation paper with image printed in reverse to the shot glass with thermal tape
  • When the heat press reaches the idle temperature, you will hear a beeping sound indicating that the machine is ready
  • Place the shot glass in the element and close it by pulling the handle towards you
  • Press the green, round button to begin the pressing cycle (temperatures may drop which is normal)
  • Once the press temperature is reached, the timer will begin counting down
  • When the timer reaches 0, take out the shot glass from the press and remove the transfer paper immediately
  • Allow the shot glass to cool completely before use

Oven Settings

Temperature: 400°F
Time: 10 - 13 Minutes
(test in your oven for accurate time)

  • Attach reversed printed image to shot glass with thermal tape
  • Place shot glass in silicone wrap
  • Place in oven preheated to 400°F for approximately 10 - 13 minutes (test to determine best timing!)
  • Afterwards, remove silicone wrap and paper immediately
  • Allow the shot glass to cool completely before use

More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Print Applications Dye-Sublimation, Silicone Wrap
Finish Gloss
Substrate Material Ceramic