Jetcol Xtreme® Dry Sublimation Paper Roll - 70 GSM

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Designed for high production printers

With Xtreme® Dry, Neenah Coldenhove created endless possibilities for a new market. The sublimation paper is especially designed for high production printers where our revolutionary drying speed with anti-rivering can help increase production. Xtreme® Dry is highly suitable for the soft signage and home decor markets.

Xtreme® Dry Markets

Home Decor

The home decor market is one of the fastest expanding segments of digital textile printing. There are endless applications from blankets, curtains, wall coverings to personalized items such as pillows. With that, order quantities can vary greatly from one piece to thousands. Xtreme® Dry, with its revolutionary drying speed, is available in wide and grand format widths for small to production size runs.

Soft Signage

The soft signage market includes visual communication for retail shops, textile walls, flags and exhibit backdrops of any size. Xtreme® Dry is a lower grammage paper featuring our newest coating to ensure a balance between performance and cost effectiveness. Xtreme® Dry provides revolutionary drying speed with anti-rivering that will help increase production with consistent quality with sharp, flawless prints every time.


    Revolutionary drying speed


    Suitable for close knit textile applications

GSM 70
Ink Coverage
Transfer Yield
Dry Speed


    Outside of the roll is the coated / print side

    Ideal for industrial and plotter printers using water-based sublimation inks

Shelf Life: This product has a 1 year guarantee from the date of receiving if stored and handled as suggested below.

Storage & Handling: Store paper in original packaging only. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Place roll in printing room 24 hours prior to printing to acclimate to conditions. Do not leave rolls hanging on printer.

Print Room Settings

    Ideal print room temperature is 73°F (23°C) and 50% relative humidity

    Maintain ideal print room climate control for good dimensional stability, flatness or paper and faster ink drying

Recommended Transfer Settings

Temperature: 385° - 400°F
(195° - 205°C)
Time: 25 - 40 Seconds

Ideal settings may vary based on the process, print environment & textile.

More Information
Manufacturer Neenah Coldenhove
Print Applications Dye-Sublimation
Core Size 3" Core