T.Seal Finishing Sheet for Laser Transfers - A3 - 11.7" x 16.5"

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Add extra durability to your printed T-shirts and garments with T.Seal finishing sheets for laser heat transfers! T.Seal is a silicone seal (or finishing) sheet that is used during the last press of the garment, which locks the transfer into the fibers of the fabric. This in turn helps to prevent the transfer from coming off during washing/laundering and improves its resistance to cracking. The end result is long-lasting, vibrant transfers that your customers will be able to enjoy for many years (and wash cycles) to come! Each T.Seal sheet is reusable for up to 500 presses.


  • T.Seal silicone seal sheets provide extra durability for laser transfers
  • Improves laser transfers’ durability, washability, and resistance to cracking
  • Provides a softer “hand” or a lighter feel to the transfer
  • Each sheet is reusable for up to 500 presses
  • Sheets are sold individually

Important Things to Note:

  • T.Seal is meant as a finishing sheet only and should not be used in place of a Teflon, silicone, or parchment cover sheet when marrying and pressing.
  • Only use T.Seal for the last press of your garment.
  • Intended for use with white toner printers only. Do not use with polymer (CP) toners.
  • Do not use with sublimation ink.
  • Do not use with temperatures over 300°F. Ideal temperature range is 270-290°F.
  • When the silicone coating wears down and both sides of the T.Seal sheet are smooth, that’s when you need to replace your T.Seal sheet.


Before you use your T.Seal, press the sheet with the coated (rubbery feeling) side down on the platen of your heat press. Press the T.Seal sheet with medium pressure for 20 seconds at 270° F. This conditions the sheet for use.

  1. Once you’re pressed and peeled your transfer according to your media’s requirements, let it cool.
  2. Use T.Seal as the final press. Place the coated, rubbery side down on your image and press for 30 seconds using a heavy pressure at a temperature between 270-290° F. Do not exceed 300° F. This will cause your sheet to degrade quickly!
  3. Open the press, wait a moment, then peel the T.Seal sheet off slowly, starting at one side of the sheet.
  4. Enjoy your sealed and finished garment with an improved feel and increased durability!
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Manufacturer Crio
Choose Sheet Size A3 - 11.7" x 16.5"