Blue Thermal Tape for Coffee Mugs and Tiles - 3/8"


Our thermal heat resistant tape is perfect for securing images onto sublimation mugs, tiles and many other substrates. It safely and securely fastens your image to a product in order to keep sublimation print from moving during the pressing process, which could result in a "ghost" image. Sublimation transfers can easily be ruined by the paper moving slightly after the heat press is opened or shut on a sublimation blank. This tape is heat-resistant to high temperatures (up to 425°F) and will not leave a hard to clean sticky residue on your product.

*Please note: When using thermal tape on substrates with painted edges, be careful to only apply tape to the sublimation surface. Using thermal tape on a painted edge may cause the painted coating to flake off when tape is removed.


  • Color: Blue
  • Roll Width: 3/8"
  • Roll Length: 72 Yards

More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Roll Length 72 yards
Roll Width 3/8" wide
Color Blue