TexPrint High Resolution Sublimation Transfer Paper Roll for Hard Surfaces

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For an in-stock alternative, try Jetcol® Sublimation Transfer Paper - 24" Options, 44" and 64" Options.

TexPrintXP provides consistent performance from the inkjet printer to the thermal press. TexPrintXP renders the richest colors and maintains the truest tone, print to print, batch to batch & month to month. Great for both soft and hard surface application, TexPrintXP gets the job done right, every time.

TexPrintXP's silicate coating forms a vertical grid. When the inks filling the grid are exposed to heat, a vertical plume of heated dye gas is created, emitting from the printed sheet surface. The directed flow of dye results in the richest color application to irregular receptor surfaces.

  • TexPrintXP is designed to resist cockling during inkjet printing, dry quickly to the touch and rewind without wet-transfer
  • Core size: 3"
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