Sublimation Heating Pad for Hard Surfaces - 18" x 22"


Our sublimation heat pad works miracles when transferring onto hard surfaces, such as metal or ceramic, or surfaces that may not be completely flat. Using the wrap will ensure that your image transfers evenly across the surface of your substrate by allowing the heat of the heat press to reach all crevices of your product. Highly recommended for pressing large (about 10" x 10" +) ceramic or glass items, especially if you have a cold spot or uneven/slow heating press. This pad is a 1/16" thick grey silicone rubber mat.

Using the sublimation heating pad: Use as a cover sheet (the top most layer). If the wrap is at room temperature (ie: cool enough to handle), add approximately 20-30 seconds to total pressing time (because the mat layer needs to be fully heated before the sublimation transfer begins).

More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Color Gray
Sheets per Pack Sold Each