Sublimation Apparel & Fashion Wearables

Make Your Apparel Stand Out With Sublimation

If you are looking to add full-color or full-bleed graphics to a plain white T-shirt, sweatshirt or any other polyester garment, dye sublimation is the way to do it! Sublimation is the most innovative and versatile digital printing method because it allows you to completely customize any piece to your personal taste.

Due to the nature of the sublimation process, the results provide a rich and vibrant image that will not fade, crack or peel! At Coastal Business Supplies, we offer a complete line of blank sublimation apparel and fashion wearables to suit everyone’s personal taste. Whether you are looking to customize blank sublimation socks, flip flops, phone cases, or just a simple T-shirt, we have what you need to create your own unique masterpiece. All you need to do is choose the sublimation printing item you need, then let us know if you have any questions or need advice!

Blank Apparel for Printing With Sublimation Techniques:

Thanks to the technological advances that have been made in the field of printing T-shirts and other apparel, it’s easier now more than ever to transfer images quickly and accurately. Custom merchandise and promotional products are always in high demand, and sublimation is a great way to create personalized items for all types of customers, events and occasions. Although there are similarities between sublimation and other standard heat transfer processes, sublimation printing generally produces images that are more vibrant in color with results that last the lifetime of the product. With the correct combination of heat, pressure, time, and high-quality sublimation transfer paper, graphics are able to transfer from the paper to the substrate and permanently become a part of the fabric or plastic. Designs that are sublimated are typically transferred on different types of clothing or marketing materials, such as bags, coasters, magnets, keychains, and mugs.

How Does Sublimation on Apparel Work?

Decorators wanting to add full-color or full-bleed graphics to sweatshirts and polyester garments will see the best quality results, as polyester composition is required for the sublimation process. Sublimation on apparel is different than its application on non-fabric materials due to this requirement. Sublimation printing ink is effective because it bonds to polymers and polyester. Inks are able to connect to fabric fibers, and this allows the item to take on the colors in the transfer image at the sub-surface level, producing images that do not peel or crack.

What Are the Benefits of Sublimation Printing on Fabric?

There are a number of benefits related to sublimation printing on fabrics, including the brilliance of the images or graphics after printing. This printing process works most effectively with white fabrics or substrates. Various types of apparel and other fabric products, such as flags and scarves, are created using this printing approach.

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