Siser EasyPuff Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl - 12"

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Elevate your designs with the dazzling shine of Easy® Puff Metallic! This innovative product breathes new life into your puffy designs, adding an extra touch of sparkle and shine. 

Easy Puff Metallic maintains the delightful puffy effect you cherish from Siser's standard Easy Puff line, but with an added sleek, shiny finish. This vivid blend of texture and shine results in a bold style that's perfect for large designs and lettering, dramatically highlighting the puffed effect. 

Experience the ease of implementation with our pressure-sensitive carrier and enjoy the convenience of its low application temperature. Mark your designs with a standout sheen that will instantly catch the eye, truly living up to the promise of the Easy Puff Metallic! 

Ignite your creativity and make your designs pop with the radiant glow of Easy Puff Metallic!


  • Siser vinyl is CPSIA Certified as safe for all ages.
  • Compatible T Shirts/Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends
  • Great for multi-color vinyl applications works well with other Siser heat transfer vinyl's*!
  • Metallic finish and 180 microns thick.
  • Sticky back carrier great for more detailed designs.
  • Please note: Siser EasyWeed heat transfer vinyl is meant for use with a vinyl cutter. This is not a printable vinyl. Do not attempt to run it through a printer.
  • Care: Store in dark/dry/cool area for up to 1 year for best results.
  • Due to manufacturing & cut-down process, it is possible that actual roll/material width may vary up to 0.25 inches.

Application note:

*Easy Puff is designed to withstand only one heat application. Repeated applications will "flatten" the puff effect permanently. It is recommended to apply Easy Puff last when used with other materials. 

Because achieving proper, firm pressure is key with Easy Puff, it is not recommended to apply this material with a home iron. 

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More Information
Manufacturer Siser
Print Applications Heat Transfer Vinyl
Finish Metallic
Compatible Fabric Cotton, Polyester
Compatible Fabric Color White/Light Colors, Dark/Colors