Single Digital License

Thank you for your purchase from Coastal Business Supplies’ Digital Marketplace. Any Digital Marketplace design (aka “asset”) you purchase from the site is automatically covered under this single license. You pay a one-time fee for the download, and the Single Digital License never expires. However, we do ask you to follow and agree to the terms outlined below.

What is an End Product?

An End Product is a product you will create from the design(s) you purchased on our Digital Marketplace.

License Summary

This is a general use overview of the license. Read further below to specific see usage details.


  • Create as many Physical End Products as you like *
  • Create as many Digital End Products as you like *
  • Create and Sell Items on Print-on-Demand (POD) sites *

*Below you will find permitted and not permitted uses of the designs in various end product configurations.


  • Sell, sublicense, transfer, share or redistribute any of the digital design files.
  • Convert files to different formats and sell those files. E.g., embroidery formats, etc.
  • Install or embed on 3rd party platforms or servers.

Physical End Products

These are examples on how to use your downloaded design for Physical End Products.


  • Print/transfer a downloaded design, with or without modifications, onto a physical item and sell that physical item.
  • Sell unlimited copies of the physical items that you create with the downloaded design.
  • Sell the physical end product globally for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Create physical end products that you give away for free, ex. gifts, promotional products, etc.


  • Provide a digital copy of the original design with your physical product.

Digital End Products

These are examples on how to use your downloaded design for Digital End Products.


  • Use elements to create a new design. For example, you are allowed to use floral elements to create a floral themed wedding invitation.
  • Create new designs combining multiple downloaded resources and adding items of your own, as long as the new design is flattened, and the original items cannot be extracted.


  • Create a digital product that includes single elements or allows users to extract the elements that you have used (all designs must be flattened).
  • Create a digital product that competes with the original design. E.g., you cannot bundle multiple design downloads and sell that as a new product, or simply change basic elements such as color and size and sell that as a new product.

Print on Demand (POD) Usage

These are examples on how to use your downloaded design for Print on Demand (POD) applications.


  • Create and add designs to POD sites that are vastly different from the original. This means they have unique distinctive elements that are added by you.
  • Sell on unlimited POD sites.

If you are interested uploading designs to POD sites that are the same or similar to the original, please contact us for additional licensing details.


  • Add the downloaded design to a POD site without making or adding vastly distinctive new features that will create an entirely new product.
  • Upload patterns to POD sites.

Complete License Details

This license is an agreement between You and Coastal Business Supplies, Inc. “COASTAL”. When purchasing a digital marketplace asset, You will receive the rights to use the item(s) as defined in this license.


  • Digital Marketplace designs can be used to create products (physical & digital) for both personal and commercial use.
  • Physical End Products may be printed and / or transferred onto a physical item and sold. No modifications to the design are necessary.
  • You may create and sell Digital End Products as long as the new design has distinctive features that will create an entirely new product that will not compete with the original product.
  • Digital Marketplace designs can be used for Print on Demand (POD). POD sales will require alterations to products, so it does not compete with the original product.
  • This Single Digital License has no expiration.


This license may be updated over time with more use cases. In case these use scenarios do not actually change the permitted use of the items and is for clarification purposes only, you will not be notified. If for any reason you are unclear if the product can be used for your intended purpose, you agree to contact us at [email protected].

  • You may never resell, share, redistribute or otherwise transfer items downloaded to 3rd parties.
  • You may never sell Digital End Products without making or adding vastly distinctive new features that will create an entirely new product.
  • You may never simply combine multiple downloads into one Digital End Product and offer for sale.
  • Modified Digital End Products need to be flattened to disable anyone from extracting the original design.
  • Designs, graphic elements, and patterns cannot be used as a selectable library item within a tool, platform, or application.
  • Items or final products cannot be registered as a trademark in any territory. This license gives you non-exclusive rights. Other users can download and use the products as well, so you cannot claim sole ownership.

Terms, Indemnification & Disclaimer

  • You agree to fully defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Coastal and its employees, directors, and officers, and anyone else associated with Coastal, and each of their successors, licensees, and assigns free and harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, costs or debt, losses, damages, obligations, or expenses, including attorneys' fees and expenses, which may arise from using any of the products obtained from this site.
  • Coastal is not responsible for settlements, legal fees and/or other costs made by any party without prior agreement from Coastal’s directors.
  • You understand that designs and their elements are created and added by 3rd party sellers. While we do our best to remove content that might breach copyrights or trademarks, Coastal cannot be held responsible for items that are added. As soon as suspicions arise that items might breach (local) laws or trademarks, you will notify us as soon as possible at [email protected].
  • This license may never be transferred or sold to any third party.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].