Jetcol DHS Sublimation Paper Roll - 120 GSM

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Experience Unparalleled Quality On Hard Substrates

Experience the magic of speed and vivid color with Jetcol® DHS - the revolution in dye sublimation printing. Breathe life into complex images effortlessly, and watch as they leap onto hard surfaces with unprecedented sharpness and vibrancy. Thanks to a unique coating, the ink stays right where it needs to be - on the surface. No more excessive ink. No more unnecessary waiting. Just fantastic color range with brighter, more dynamic results, faster than ever. Get the most out of your printing; embrace the beauty of efficiency with Jetcol® DHS.

Jetcol® DHS Markets

Decor Hard Surface

Promotional Hard Surface

Supercharge your production capabilities without breaking the bank! Introducing Jetcol® DHS - a revolutionary answer to your manufacturing challenges. This patented coating slashes your ink usage by an astounding 40% and cuts transfer time by half! The result? Nearly doubled production rates with lighter consumable ink usage. Better efficiency, lower costs, and a boosted bottom line - all without adding a single piece of equipment. With Jetcol® DHS, you no longer have to juggle between affordability and productivity.


  • Dive into a vibrant world of colors without splurging on ink! Unleash the potential of Jetcol DHS - a product that delivers deep, enduring shades using less ink, thanks to its high transfer yield. No more compromises on quality! Fine-tune your prints by creating a new profile or simply by leveraging the Jetcol DHS color profile in Sawgrass Print Manager or your preferred printer driver. You deserve the best. Jetcol DHS, where less is more!


    High transfer yield

    Requires a shorter transfer time

    Large color gamut

GSM 120
Ink Coverage
Transfer Yield
Dry Speed


    Image must be printed in reverse

    Desktop and wide format to print on the side without the grid

Shelf Life: This product has a 1 year guarantee from the date of receiving if stored and handled as suggested below.

Storage & Handling: Store paper in original packaging only. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Place roll in printing room 24 hours prior to printing to acclimate to conditions. Do not leave rolls hanging on printer.

Print Room Settings

    Ideal print room temperature is 73°F (23°C) and 50% relative humidity

    Maintain ideal print room climate control for good dimensional stability, flatness or paper and faster ink drying

General Transfer Instructions

Protect the press from sublimation dye by covering the platen silicone / Teflon sheet

Place printed paper image-side-down on top of blank substrate

Hold paper with heat-reistant tape - after transfer remove paper quickly in even motion

Recommended Transfer Settings

Temperature: 385° - 400°F
(195° - 205°C)
Pressure: Medium to heavy
Time: 30 Seconds*

*Depending on type / size of substrate, transfer time can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

More Information
Manufacturer Neenah Coldenhove
Print Applications Dye-Sublimation
Compatible Fabric Color White/Light Colors
Compatible Fabric Polyester
Printer Type Sublimation