Hotronix Air Fusion Pneumatic Heat Press Machine - 16" x 20"

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The new Hotronix Air Fusion Heat Press transforms the technologically advanced features of the Hotronix Fusion into a pneumatic heat press for high volume and specialty decorators. Designed to increase throughput for faster production, the Air Fusion is equipped with a patented auto adjust pressure feature, which makes switching between garments of different thicknesses a breeze. A fully threadable platen allows the user to print on both the front and back of a shirt simply by rotating the garment without removing it from the platen. The adjustable stand is ideal for changing the height for multiple users and the hands-free auto swing cuts down on operator fatigue.

The new Hotronix Air Fusion is reliable and durable. It's designed to maximize production efficiency and make garment decorating easier than ever.

The Air Fusion is also perfect for pre-treating and curing garments for direct-to-garment printing. The pneumatic heat press compresses to 120 PSI and flattens the fibers on the garment, providing a smooth, even surface for the inks to adhere. Prints actually look brighter and crisper, giving you the best possible results.

The pre-treatment process creates additional moisture, which can cause a press to rust or even interfere with its sensors. Not with the Air Fusion! The aluminum corrosion-free framework on the Air Fusion actually combats the moisture. This innovative press will look like it just rolled off of the assembly line for years to come!


  • Auto-adjust pressure: Four different pressure and time settings can be programmed allowing the user to select the appropriate application based on the material being heat applied.
  • Adjustable stand: The Air Fusion arrives on a pedestal designed to save space in your shop. The base features heavy duty casters for portability. This is the first (and only) heat press that allows the user to adjust the height for individual operator comfort and a completely ergonomic experience. The stand can be adjusted from 37" to 44".
  • Threadability: Front to back, back to front or side to side! The fully threadable heat platen makes it easy to decorate anywhere on the garment without removing the shirt. Simply load it once and rotate it right on the platen.
  • 120 PSI: Up to 50% more pressure than any other heat press on the market. Makes the most of demanding heat transfer applications that require firm or extra firm pressure including embossing and direct-to-garment applications.
  • Hands-free Auto Open, Auto Swing: Print more garments and reduce operator fatigue as the Air Fusion eliminates repetitive arm and wrist motions by automatically opening and swinging out of the way after each print cycle. Tap the foot pedal and the upper platen will swing back into place.
  • Touch Screen Technology:User friendly touch screen is very intuitive and makes it easy to scroll through menus and instructions quickly. Personalize and save pre-set applications, temperatures, language and other user settings.
  • Optional platens available


  • Size: 16" x 20"
  • Weight: 152 pounds
  • 120 volt/2250 watts/18.8 amps
  • Dimensions: 40" x 48" x 65"


  • 5 years on framework
  • 2 years on control board
  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Lifetime warranty on heating element
More Information
Manufacturer Hotronix
Features Auto-Open, Air-Operated, Digital Temperature, Digital Pressure, Digital Time
Heat Press Size 16" x 20"
Press Style Swing-Away, Draw, Automatic
Manufacturer Leadtime 12 Weeks