HIX SubliPro 48" Conveyor Sublimation Oven

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For high-volume sublimation or direct-to-garment printing, this is the oven for you! For a production of a hundred to several hundred mugs per hour, the HIX SubliPro Oven is the perfect choice to get the job done. The only one of it's kind in the market, the HIX SubliPro conveyor oven can sublimate on a variety of substrates: wide, tall, short, white, colored, or black - up to a height of 8.5". This includes an ever growing variety of sizes and shapes of sublimation imprintables: cat and dog bowls, shot glasses, beer steins, latte mugs, glasses, drinking bottles, and more!

With redesigned and repositioned heaters, combined with an advanced airflow circulation, HIX was able to narrow the temperature variation within the oven chamber to within 10-15°F. The even temperature profile, larger door opening, advanced cooling system at the conveyor exit, and stainless steel belt mean success on even the most demanding and unforgiving substrates, such as all-black mugs or top-to-bottom sublimation.

Production capacity per hour is estimated at 360 - 660 mugs produced per hour. This estimate is based off the assumption mugs are placed on 6" centers down the belt, 7 across on 48" belts, with 12 minute retention time inside oven. Please note actual output will depend on ink requirement of retention time in the oven, temperature set, and efficiency of operator loading the belt.


  • Cures both plastisol and waterbased inks
  • Digital belt speed controls
  • Stainless steel belt
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Single and multiple zone controls
  • Relay and heater lights
  • Heater and control overload protection
  • Multiple heaters (up to 12 units)
  • Recirculating airflow on units 10' and longer
  • Recirculating air zones and airflow speed on units 10' and longer
  • Insulation under top skin on all units
  • Wheel options on all units


  • Unit Length Total: 27' (823cm)
  • Unit Width Total: 57" (145cm)
  • Oven Unit Height Total: 74" (188cm) (to top of exhaust)
  • Cooler Unit Height Total: 74" (188cm)
  • Belt Width: 48" (61cm)
  • Oven Length: 132"
  • "Dead" Conveyor Space: 12" (between oven & cooler)
  • Conveyor Entrance Length: 36"
  • Conveyor Exit Length: 36"
  • Fume Hood: 12" each end
  • Oven Throat / Door Openings: 9" with curtains
  • Belt Speed Control: Digital
  • Belt Type: Stainless Steel
  • Belt Direction: Right-to-left (when facing control box)
  • Temperature Control-Type: Digital - West 6100
  • Number of Temp Control Zones: 2 Zones
  • Relay Lights: Yes - 9
  • Heater Lights: Yes - 18
  • Recirculating Airflow: Yes - variable
  • Number of Recirculating Air Zones: 2 Zones
  • Recirculating Airflow Speed: 6000CFM
  • Exhaust Duct Size: 10"
  • Exhaust CFM at 60HZ: 1000CFM
  • Cooler Section: Yes
  • Cooler Length: 7' (213cm)
  • Cooler CFM: 5500CFM
  • Wheels on Legs? Yes
  • Certifications - ETL/CE/CSA: None

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