HIX HT-400E Analog Clamshell Heat Press Machine - 15" x 15"

HT-400 E
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Whether you’re experienced in custom production or just now breaking into the industry, the Hix HT-400E possesses the power and capabilities needed to put your decoration business on the map!


Similar to Hix’s best-selling HT-400 model, the HT-400E sports a solid foundation with a structurally-sound arm mechanism, machine base, pressure adjustment mechanism, link pins with bushings and steel lower platen. This certified “Made in the USA” clamshell heat press machine contains a safety mechanism that locks the arm, which prevents accidental opening during lifting/carrying and helps to avoid the risk of injury at several pinch points. A control knob thermostat and heat indicator light replace the HT-400’s digital controller, giving the customer a visual feedback of the actual heat casting and making the heat press more affordable overall.

The HT-400E provides an economical heat press solution that is easy to operate for both stationary and mobile production. 

More Information
Manufacturer Hix
Heat Press Size 15" x 15"
Press Style Clamshell