Heat Shrink Bags for Sublimation

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Get amazing quality sublimation transfers with these heat shrink bags for sublimation! By conforming to the size and shape of your substrate, these heat shrink bags provide the most consistent transfers. Simply place your substrate into the bag and then into your oven, and the PVC heat shrink bag will form to your item!

Sizes Available: 13" x 8" (Bag opens from side), 7" x 11" (Bag opens from top), and 6" x 10" (Bag opens from top)

13" x 8" Bags Suitable For:

  • 15 oz Mugs
  • Swell Bottles
  • 14 oz Stainless Steel Tumblers
  • And products of similar size

7" x 11" Bags Suitable For:

6" x 10" Bags Suitable For:

  • Wine Tumblers
  • Shot Glasses
  • Double Walled Polymer Tumblers
  • And products of similar size

All items sold separately from the wrap. In order for the wrap to work properly, the entire item must fit in the bag and have room to wrap around the base of the object.

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