Crio Powderless DTF+ is the Ultimate Desktop DTF Printer
Discover why Crio is the leading no maintenance, print-on-demand solution to ink-based desktop printers.

Zero Maintenance

Say goodbye to the daily maintenance hassles of ink based DTF printers and say hello to Crio’s no maintenance, powder free printing solution. Printing for profit has never been easier - power on and start printing!

Add Revenue Streams

DTF+ means you can print directly to or transferred onto the widest range of materials such as any fabric, stickers, wood, ceramic, tattoo paper, mylar (including balloons), paper, metal, cardboard, leather and more!

Faster Production 

Short run profit made easy with Crio’s unparalleled print speeds of 9 full color 11x17 (A4) transfers per minute – print, press and profit an average of 60 white shirts per hour, and up to 30 dark shirts per hour. 

Powder Free Adhesive 

Unlike ink based DTF printers that use powdered adhesives that contaminate the air and may be inhaled, Crio uses a sheeted adhesive, with no airborne pollutants providing a safer working environment.

Make 7 Full-Color Shirts In Less Than 7 Minutes
We'll show you how the Crio Powderless DTF+ crushes the production speed of a desktop ink based DTF Printer. 

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Crio Powderless DTF+

DTF Desktop Printers


It is a toner-based laser printing technology that prints on a special paper or film that is then transferred onto a desired substrate using a sheeted adhesive.  

It is an ink based printing technology that prints to film which needs to be coated with adhesive powder then cured by a heat source before it can be transferred onto the final substrate. 


NO MAINTENANCE. You can turn your Crio powderless DTF printer off today, let it sit for a year, turn it back on, and get stunning prints with no issues.

Ink based DTF printers require daily maintenance, regardless of whether they are in use or not. Regular maintenance is key for optimal printer performance and longevity. 


  1. Print design on film or transfer paper
  2. Marry A/B sheets (film and adhesive). For one-step papers you skip this step
  3. Press transfer onto garment 
  4. Peel transfer film off when cold
  5. Finish garment with T.seal
  6. Avg. prod. time for 1 black shirt: 3.5 min
  1. Print design on film 
  2. Apply adhesive powder to the film 
  3. Cure the powder and ink
  4. Press transfer onto garment 
  5. Peel transfer film off, finish garment with T.Seal 
  6. Avg. prod. time for 1 black shirt: 7-10 min


Toner based transfers can be applied to all kinds of fabrics, glass, wood, metal, acrylic, mylar (including balloons), and more. You can also print directly on cardstock paper, envelopes, tattoo paper, window cling, stickers, magnet sheets and more. 

DTF transfers can be applied to diverse fabric types like cotton, polyester, treated leather, nylon, 50/50 blends, and both light and dark-colored fabrics. 


  • NO MAINTENANCE solution
  • Free printer, RIP and application training
  • No preteat or special coating
  • Print or transfer to any color, any material
  • Prints 9 full-colors transfers per minute
  • Printer-to-process support
  • Exclusive access to MyCrio support site
  • Low cost per print
  • DTF transfers can be applied to various fabric types
  • No preteat required
  • Great washability and durability
  • High stretchability and soft hand feel


  • Moderate initial investment
  • Higher cost per printed sheet
  • Recommended swing-away heat press for best results
  • Moderate learning curve to master the marrying process
  • Slow printing speed: 10 full-color transfers per hour
  • Time consuming and costly process
  • The adhesive powder could cause significant health issues
  • Higher learning curve to get started
  • 1-Year Warranty / 3-6 Months on Printhead(s)

Crio 8432WDT - Starter Bundle
Finance for as little as $199/month!

Includes FREE lifetime support, FREE 1 Hour 1-1 training session, FREE shipping, along with all the paper needed to get started - light garments, dark garments, hard surface, tattoos, and sealing sheets.

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