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Red Grid Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Best Color!
Red Grid is our best selling and most vibrant inkjet heat transfer paper for light colored fabrics! More info...

JetPro SofStretch Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Soft & Stretchy!
Neenah's JetPro SofStretch is the softest and stretchiest paper on the market with an amazingly soft hand and unbelievable elasticity! More info...

JetPro For Active Wear Heat Transfer Paper For Synthetics!
JetPro for Active Wear is a stretchy transfer product that is breathable and provides amazing color. It creates garments with vibrant colors and virtually no cracking. It's an excellent choice for athletic wear and synthetic fibers. More info...

Coastal Inkjet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper Signature Brand!
Coastal Inkjet Opaque is a long time favorite. Chosen as our house brand and with its superb color, we know you will love this product! More info...

3G Jet Opaque Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Best drape!
3G Jet Opaque is our newest heat transfer paper for dark garments, featuring a softer hand and better drape on cotton fabrics. More info...

Jet Dark Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
Jet Dark is a popular choice for transfers onto colored fabrics. It's ease of use, bright colors, and durability put it in a class of its own. More info...

2-Step Opaque Heat Transfer Paper
Thick Transfer!
2-step Opaque leaves a thicker patch-like heat transfer on your fabric and requires a regular heat transfer paper to complete the process. More info...

Glo-Jo Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
With Glo-Jo inkjet heat transfer paper, your image will reveal a glowing effect from anything white or light colored in your image! More info...

Dazzle-Trans Finishing Sheet High Gloss Finish!
Dazzle-Trans gives a high gloss finish to your transfer. Must be used with a heat transfer paper and works best with opaque transfers. More info...

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Inkjet Sample Pack
Inkjet Transfer Paper Sample Pack 8.5" x 11" - 3 sheets of each JPSS, Red Grid, 3G Jet Opaque, Jet Dark and Silicone Sheets
Sale Price: $10.95
Inkjet Transfer Paper Sample Pack 8.5" x 11" - 3 sheets of each JPSS, Red Grid, 3G Jet Opaque, Jet Dark and Silicone Sheets
Try before you buy! Determine which paper you like best.

Inkjet Heat Transfer Papers