Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cuttable heat transfer vinyl - one of the quickest and easiest methods of t-shirt and apparel customization! Load into a vinyl cutter and cut your design, then easily heat press to fabric apparel and products!

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Standard Vinyls

Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl
XPress Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl


  • Best-selling!
  • Applies to cotton/polyester
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls

XPress Cut

  • NEW!
  • Easy to cut and press!
  • Soft matte finish
  • Applies to cotton/polyester
  • Fast hot peel application

Easyweed Stretch

  • Super stretch for flexible fabrics
  • Applies to cotton/polyester
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls

Easyweed Extra

  • Can be applied to nylon and leather!
  • Easy to cut and press weed fine details
  • Soft matte finish
  • Can also be applied to cotton/polyester
  • Fast hot peel application
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls

Glitter & Metallic Vinyls

Glitter Flake Heat Transfer Vinyl
XPress Cut Mirror Heat Transfer Vinyl
EasyWeed Adhesive Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl

Glitter Flake

  • Best-selling!
  • Applies to cotton/polyester
  • Ultra-sparkly textured glittery finish
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls
  • Can be sublimated!
    * White/silver for best results.

XPress Cut Mirror

  • Super-metallic
  • A thin material with soft hand!
  • Incredibly easy to cut and weed
  • Available in silver or gold

EasyWeed Adhesive

  • New product!
  • Create amazing foil transfers and accents
  • No need to print - just cut, weed, and press!
  • Durable adhesive creates long-lasting stunning chrome designs

Easyweed Electric

  • Shimmery pearlescent colors
  • Easy to cut and weed fine details
  • Transfers to cotton/poly
  • Quick hot peel application
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl
Reflect-All Heat Transfer Vinyl


  • One-of-a-kind metal flake effects
  • Can be cut to look like rhinestones
  • Easy to cut and weed!

Easyweed Foil

  • High-fashion metallic accents!
  • All the same great properties as Easyweed.. with a foil-fashion shine!
  • Available in silver and gold

Easyweed Metallic

  • Chrome-like mirror metallic finish
  • Available in gold/silver
  • Applies to cotton/polyester
  • Hand wash only


  • Safety reflective heat press vinyl
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Perfect accent vinyl for athletic wear
  • Can be layered with other Siser vinyls

Designer & Specialty Vinyls

Digi-Cut Designer Heat Transfer Vinyl
Strip Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl
Siser Brick Heat Transfer Vinyl
Easyweed Glow-in-the-Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

Digi-Cut Designer

  • Fun patterned animal prints
  • Textured special-effect vinyls
  • Spectrum of camo colors
  • Can be layered with Digi-Cut products
  • Applies to cotton/polyester

Strip Flock

  • Soft flock suede-like feel
  • Fun retro effects for cut designs
  • Applies to cotton/polyester/leather
  • Layers with other Siser vinyls

Siser Brick

  • EXTRA thick for extra dimension! 1000 microns tall!
  • Applies to cotton/polyester, Spandex, and more!
  • Great for making logos and type stand out among the crowd!

Easyweed Glow

  • Glow-in-the-dark!
  • White semi-gloss finish
  • Easily "charge" with sunlight and watch it glow BRIGHT!
  • Easy to cut and weed, applies to cotton/polyester

Easyweed Sub Block Heat Transfer Vinyl

Easyweed Sub Block

  • Prevents dye-migration even on brightly sublimated garments
  • Perfect for performance-wear (polyester) applications
  • Bright, white, bleed-proof transfers!

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Heat Transfer Vinyl