The benefits of printing with an OKI white toner laser printer are numerous. Vibrant prints, a wide spectrum of colors, and the fantastic compatibility with self-weeding transfer papers are just a few of the reasons why folks opt to purchase a white toner printer. Whether you are considering purchasing a new white toner printer or already have one of your own, here are a few tips and tricks to consider when printing on a white toner printer.

1. Use RIP Software

Two questions we often receive are, “Why is my transfer so thick?” and “How can I improve my transfer’s durability/washability?” For detailed transfers, such as photographs, your printer uses a lot of toner. This leaves a heavy hand and can result in poor durability.

RIP software (which stands for raster image processor) can do many things, but it most notably allows you to rasterize images and to control the level of white toner used. Using a RIP program to rasterize your image (essentially breaking it down into small dots) and reduce your white toner used will not only allow for a softer hand but will also improve the durability of your transfer. In turn, you will use less toner, which means a longer yield on your toner cartridge and more money in your pocket.

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2. Control Your Room’s Humidity

Something that is often overlooked is the humidity in your printing room. With OKI white toner printers, it’s important to keep the humidity level in your room between 40% and 70%. If your humidity is outside this range, you may start noticing issues such as spots on the design of your transfer sheets.

3. Give Your Printer Power!

Another reason you may receive spots on your transfers is a lack of power to the printer itself. Always run your OKI white toner printer by itself on a single power outlet. It needs as much power as possible to run properly.

4. Print From Your Bypass Tray as a Straight Feed

OKI white toner printers are set up a little different than a more traditional laser printer. On the front of the printer, there is both a regular paper tray and a bypass tray. Then there are two outputs – on the top and the back. When printing on transfer paper, it is important to load the paper in the front bypass tray and have it print as a straight feed to the back output tray (not the top output).  This ensures that your transfer paper stays as straight as possible, leaving the toner intact on the transfer sheet. This ultimately gives you the best possible transfer.

Printing with an OKI White Toner Printer | Coastal Business Supplies

These are just a few tips and tricks for printing with your OKI white toner printer. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call our Technical Support Department at (800) 562-7760, option #3. You may also email [email protected]