We were recently honored when we found out that we came in first in an opinion poll on where people prefer to buy their 11 oz sublimation mugs. Out of 7 different ceramic sublimation mug distributors, Coastal garnered nearly half (48%) of all the votes. The unsponsored poll took place in the largest sublimation group on Facebook, Sublimation & More, with over 40,000 members.

Sublimation Mugs Survey Results | Coastal Business

So, what makes people love buying from Coastal? How are we different from the rest of the ceramic sublimation mug distributors? Here are the top reasons:

1. Our mugs are triple-inspected to be the best quality.

When a ceramic mug manufacturer produces a mug, they inspect it and give it a grade based on its quality. Most mug distributors take their word for it, and the inspection process stops there. At Coastal, we want to be sure that our customers are receiving the highest quality mugs, so we have them inspected two additional times. After we purchase the mugs from the manufacturer, they go to our coater (who coats the mugs to be ready for sublimation).

Inspecting Sublimation Mugs for Quality | Coastal Business

After our coater coats the mugs, we have them inspect the mugs to make sure that the coating was applied correctly and that the mugs are in fact the grade they were assigned by the manufacturer. Then, our mugs are finally sent to a third party who inspects our mugs one last time – before shipping them to our warehouse.  In this process, any mugs that fail to meet our stringent criteria are rejected.

2. We only sell the highest quality mugs.

Not all mugs are created equal. As stated, mug manufacturers grade their mugs based on their quality. At Coastal, we only purchase the highest grade of mugs from the manufacturer. Other distributors may also offer lower grade mugs, which are less consistent and are more prone to flaws and imperfections such as chips, nicks and bubbles in the coating.

When you purchase from Coastal, you can be sure that your own customers are receiving the highest quality mugs on the market.

3. Our mugs are packed tight, with extra padding.

A customer once said, "Coastal packs their mugs like they're going to war." We’ll take that as a huge compliment! We pack our mugs tight with extra layers of padding, so you don’t open up a box of broken mugs.

Packing Sublimation Mugs | Coastal Business

4. Low shipping rates, including free shipping over $149.

Most companies charge an arm and a leg to ship ceramic mugs. The price may seem pretty good up front, and then you’re bombarded with $35 shipping on one box of mugs.  Coastal is proud to not only offer an exceptional price on our high-quality sublimation mugs – but affordable shipping as well. Our tiered shipping prices for ground delivery are as follows:

Order Value

< $149.00

< $100.00

< $75.00

< $50.00

< $25.00

Ship Price






Additionally, orders over $149 ship free! That’s more profit to keep in your pocket when you make your hard-earned sales. 

5. Lightning fast order processing and delivery times.

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our warehouse team is fast. Like really fast. Most orders are processed and shipped within 2 hours, and orders before 7pm CST ship same-day.

Additionally, 94% of our customers receive their order in 3 days or less.  For reference, here is our estimated delivery time map (for ground delivery):

 Shipping Times Map | Coastal Business

6. We stand behind our products.

Lastly, we stand behind our products. If the ceramic sublimation mugs or any other products you purchase from Coastal do not meet your needs, we’re more than willing to take the product back (with limited exceptions) within 90 days of purchase. For more information on returns, please see our return policy.

Ready to pick up some ceramic sublimation mugs from Coastal? We’re confident you will love our mugs, so we’re offering you 10% off your first purchase of mugs. Use code FIRSTMUGS at checkout.

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