From the makers of the #1 best-selling heat transfer vinyl, EasyWeed, comes a revolutionary new HTV… Introducing Siser EasySniff! Siser EasySniff is a new scratch-and-sniff heat transfer vinyl that is the product of a year-long collaboration between Siser North America and Coastal Business Supplies. EasySniff combines Siser’s award-winning heat transfer vinyl with Coastal’s patented VinylScent® technology to bring you scratch and sniff vinyl of the highest quality.

Joe from Siser with Siser EasySniff

With Siser EasySniff, a lovely scent is just a scratch away. Add EasySniff to your favorite T-shirts, tote bags, beverage insulators and more! Like all other Siser HTV, EasySniff is incredibly easy to work with and can be applied to cottons, polyesters, blends and other fabrics. Bonus! Due to the nature of the scratch-and-sniff material, when pressing, the vinyl will release a pleasant aroma that will fill your work area!

12 Scents Your Nose Will Love

EasySniff will launch with the following twelve unique scents. Joe from Siser's personal favorite EasySniff scent is Bacon, and we couldn't agree more. We could all use more bacon-scented vinyl in our lives.
Vinyl Colors

Siser EasySniff is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality heat transfer vinyl and fragrance oils to provide long-lasting scratch-and-sniff transfers to be enjoyed many times over.

What are the Specifications?

EasySniff features the same thin and durable material as Siser’s EasyWeed. EasySniff is 90 Microns thick with a PU composition and can be layered on other vinyl. EasySniff is also CPSIA-Certified as safe on children’s garments. EasySniff will be available in 15” and 20” rolls as well as 12” x 15” sheets.

How Can I Get It?

Through our partnership with Siser North America, EasySniff will be sold exclusively at Coastal Business Supplies through April 1, 2024. We will start taking pre-orders for the vinyl very soon!

Is This a Joke?

No, why would this be a joke? Do you think we’d actually make an April Fools about this? Okay, fine, you’ve got us... APRIL FOOLS!

But if you’d like Siser to actually make this vinyl, let us know in the comments below and what your favorite scent would be. :)