Happy Bastille Day aka la Fête Nationale! The Fourteenth of July is the French National Day, and to celebrate here in the States, we thought we'd do something fun. We compared two of the most popular ChromaLuxe sublimatable photo panel finishes--gloss white metal and natural wood--using a photo of the Eiffel Tower. The end result was two beautiful yet very distinct prints.

What We Did

We downloaded the below image of the Eiffel Tower, courtesy of iStock. We printed two identical copies on our Sawgrass SG400 sublimation printer, and then we heat pressed the copies to the two ChromaLuxe photo panels. We used an 8” x 10” Gloss White Aluminum Metal Photo Panel and an 8” x 10” Natural Wood Photo Panel

Eiffel Tower Photo | Coastal Business Supplies

The Results

Gloss White Metal Print

Printing on the gloss white panel yielded an incredibly vibrant, high resolution product. The colors pop, and all of the tiny details and intricacies come to life on the high gloss coating. In our opinion, the photo we took of the print does not do it full justice—as in person, it’s an identical reproduction of the digital photo.
Eiffel Tower on ChromaLuxe Gloss White Metal Photo Panel | Coastal Business Supplies

Natural Wood Print

On the natural wood, we see a much softer, warmer reproduction that gives the image a more vintage, aged look without any filters being applied. If you didn’t look closely to see all the modern cars, you would almost think this was an old photo of Paris. The wood grain shows through in many areas, particularly in the white and lighter areas, which is a nice complement to the look and feel of the image.
Eiffel Tower on ChromaLuxe Natural Wood Photo Panel | Coastal Business Supplies

Which Do You Prefer?

The material and finish that you ultimately choose depends on your preference and the kind of image you would like to produce. Do you want a print with vibrant colors and high visual clarity that’s true to the original photo? Or are you going for a more natural, even vintage look? We leave that up to you! We loved both finished products here, and there’s no doubt that no matter the project, ChromaLuxe has a great, high quality photo panel to fit the bill.
Eiffel Tower on ChromaLuxe Gloss White Metal and Natural Wood Panels | Coastal Business Supplies

Chromaluxe is the world’s leading manufacturer of sublimatable photo panels. They are the sister brand of Unisub, who makes a lot of the sublimation blanks we carry. ChromaLuxe produces high-quality photo panels in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes. You can find more information about ChromaLuxe on their website or shop ChromaLuxe photo panels on coastalbusiness.com.