Temperature Test Strips for Heat Press Machines - set of 8 Strips


It's always a good idea to have heat press test strips on hand to check if the temperature of your heat press is accurate. Too low of a temperature when applying heat transfer material may cause your heat transfer paper or vinyl to not transfer correctly, whereas too high of a temperature may cause the material to scorch.

How to Use:

  • First, set heat press temperature to middle point of the test strip range (most often 370F/188C). If using one test strip, position strip in the center. If using four or more, position the strips first at the four corners/edges, and then one in the center to test overall heat level.
  • Cover strip with parchment or copy paper - avoid using teflon, as this may block some of the heat during the short testing press time.
  • Press the strip(s) for approximately 5-10 seconds and then open. The highest measured temperature (and all temperatures measured up to) on the strip will be marked in black. Compare the registered temperatures to the read-out on your press to find any variances between the measured and actual platen pressing temperatures.
  • Note: Strips are one-time use only.
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