X-Rite i1Publish Pro 2 Spectrophotometer Color Management Bundle


i1Publish Pro is designed for professionals who rely on accurate color throughout their digital workflow from cameras, monitors, and projectors to RGB and CMYK+ printers and presses. Get the most color accurate and repeatable results every time. With the new i1Publish software, X-Rite has developed a next generation toolset that combines the best features of its predecessors: i1Match, ProfileMaker, and MonacoPROFILER.

i1Publish Pro is the next generation color profiling solution that delivers an entirely new, flexible user defined experience to generate unrivaled color quality. Accommodating a broad range of proficiencies and expertise, i1Publish Pro provides complete power and control to create the highest quality ICC profiles.

Quickly and easily create custom profiles for cameras, monitors, digital projectors, and RGB, CMYK and CMYK+4 printers and presses, ensuring color accuracy from capture to output With the new i1Publish software suite, which combines the best features of its predecessors i1Match, ProfileMaker, and MonacoPROFILER software.

  • Achieve true colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors
  • Perfect printed colors every time (RGB, CMYK, CMYK + any four)
  • Intelligent iterative profiling technology for best quality results
  • Advanced controls for black generation and separations
  • Optimize profiles based on any combination of colors extracted from images, PANTONE libraries or captured spot colors
  • Validate monitor performance with included quality control functionality
  • Validate printer profile quality by measuring media wedges for ISO compliance (IDEAlliance or Fogra)
  • Built in printer linearization
  • Capture ambient light to adapt output profile for the lighting conditions of final viewing environment
  • Choose standard test charts or build your own for custom color and paper size requirements
  • Quickly check color output quality with new ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target
  • Correct for OBAs (optical brightening agents) in paper with Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) technology (when combined with i1iSis automated chart reader)
  • High quality projector profiles to accurately project your work on the big screen
  • Profile digital cameras with the included ColorChecker Camera calibration system
  • Capture spot colors off virtually any surface
  • Keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe and Quark creative applications with the included PANTONE Color Manager

Included in i1Publish Software for i1Publish Pro:

i1Profiler Software
  • With the new i1Profiler software, X-Rite has developed a next generation toolset that combines the best features of its i1Match, ProfileMaker, and MonacoPROFILER solutions. i1Profiler software offers an unprecedented level of flexibility to address the needs of digital imaging workflows. It features a number of unique color management capabilities, adding to users' power and control in creating professional quality profiles. Users can choose between a 'basic', wizard-driven interface; or an 'advanced', user-driven interface to create high quality, precise, custom color profiles for monitors, projectors, printers, and presses.
i1Pro Spectrophotometer
  • Industry-standard i1Pro spectrophotometer provides super fast measurements and fluid patch recognition for both emissive (monitors) and reflective (print) profiling.
  • Use it to profile your monitors, projectors, printers and presses
  • Capture both flash and ambient light, as well as spot colors off virtually any surface
  • USB powered
  • i1Publish Pro is available in either NoFilter and UVcut, to match your workflow requirements.
i1Publish Software for Monitor, Projector, Printer and Digital Press Monitor
  • Display true colors on each of your LCD, CRT and laptop monitors in basic or advanced mode
  • Create profiles for any ambient light condition for optimal viewing for color critical work
  • Unlimited gamma white point and luminance settings including native gamma and measure luminance as target
  • Workgroup match utilizing reference profiles to match all monitors
  • Gray balance optimization for more neutral and better defined grays, in any lighting condition
  • Chromatic adaptation formula for a closer visual match of different monitors (or of different settings on one monitor) with different white points
  • Preview before and after results with supplied image or your own
  • Monitor Quality Assurance validate and trend monitor performance
  • Profile summary report ideal for post profile analysis
  • Automatic Display Calibration (ADC) support for leading industry monitors
  • Profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time
Digital Projector
  • Display your work just as you intend it to be seen digital projector profiling for highly accurate projected color.
  • Build an accurate on-screen profile in just a few minutes just as easy as building a monitor profile
  • Takes room conditions into consideration when creating profile projected colors, screen color and room lighting
  • Designed for the creative, non-technical user
  • Includes custom beamer (projector) holder for hands free use
  • Obtain perfect printed colors every time on any RGB, CMYK, CMYK + any four ink printer or press
  • Intelligent iterative profiling technology ensures your output is reproduced accurately from print to print and printer to printer.
  • i1Prism color engine delivers unmatched quality for smoothness and shadow detail.
  • Optimize profiles based on your images for specific colors, black & white, or flesh tones, PANTONE libraries and captured spot colors get the color you desire without editing any profiles.
  • Validate printer profile quality by measuring media wedges for ISO compliance (IDEAlliance or Fogra)
  • Supports high patch count test charts for the most accurate printer profiles ideal for fine art printing and proofing
  • Built in printer linearization
  • Choose from standard test charts or easily build your own to meet your specific color and paper size requirements
  • Automatic detection of any installed RGB or CMYK printer driver
  • Visual display of measured data provides instant feedback during measurement process
  • Capture true colors with flash and ambient light measurements easily apply output profiles for your gallery, studio or retail environment's lighting conditions for perfect color match
  • Quickly check color output quality with new ColorChecker Proof visual assessment target
  • Semi-automated scanning method for test charts measure 300 patches in less than a minute with i1Pro.
  • Highly sophisticated ruler system enables easy one hand scanning operation, and can be used with or without the backup board. Scans materials up to 3mm and folds for easy transport
  • Camera calibration for Raw shooters enables greater capability to calibrate and correct color
  • Accurate color gives a consistent foundation for creative interpretation
  • Minimize color differences between cameras and lenses
  • Adapt for mixed lighting Make color balance match across different scenes
  • Includes ColorChecker Classic Target [mini] and ColorChecker Passport camera calibration software
PANTONE Color Manager
  • Automatically updates all PANTONE Color Libraries - and keeps them up to date
  • Uses PANTONE PLUS SERIES Color Bridge values
  • Builds palettes of best match PANTONE colors that are auto extracted from included digital PANTONE libraries or your own images
  • Enables any library or palette, including palettes extracted from images, to be used in i1Profiler spot color optimization of printer Profiles.
  • Builds ICC profile-based device-specific CMYK recipes for any PANTONE Graphics library
  • Simulates and helps you visualize spot vs. 4-color process, including display and print gamut warnings to make it easy to identify any colors that cannot be properly printed on your target output device or properly displayed on your monitor
  • Synchronizes spot color values to design applications
i1Pro Ruler, Accessories and Carry Case
  • Every i1Publish Pro ships with an easy to use ruler system making chart measurements extremely fast and easy with just one hand. Use the ruler as a stand-alone or with the included
  • white-surfaced, sturdy, foldable backup board. Rapid, error-free measurements are a certainty with the i1Pro ruler and the incorporated i1Pro Teflon base for smooth gliding!
  • Accessories include a Beamer Holder for hands-free projector profiling, Monitor Holder for accurate monitor profiling, Ambient Light Measurement Head and Spot Color Positioning Target
  • As an added feature, your i1Publish Pro comes complete in a water-resistant, non-abrasive canvas carrying case with shock-absorbing foam padding, making storage of your i1 system a snap
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Manufacturer X-Rite
Color White
Sheets per Pack 50 sheets