Polyprint PreTreater Pro Automatic Pretreatment Machine


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Polyprint PreTreater Pro Automatic Pretreatment Machine

Take your business to the next level with the Polyprint PreTreater Pro. Get everything you need for excellence – precision spraying to prepare your garments for amazing prints, automation for less downtime, and simplicity for less mess and hassle. With this pretreatment machine, you can easily exceed customer expectations with vibrant colors, sharp details, and great washability!

Automate Your Workflow

Operate the entire machine from a 7 inch touchscreen. Enjoy 5 preselected options, 10 custom presets, and a “Scan-to-Spray” barcode automation feature for quick runs.

Spray Precisely

Pick “Linear” consecutive or “Grid” non-consecutive areas to pinpoint where your prints land and save on liquids.

Spray Consistently

An auto-recirculation system and washable filters keep liquids uniform and sediment-free, so every batch is exactly the same.

Use Only What You Need

Choose between 14 - 40 ml to spray a specific liquid amount without costly experiments.

What's Included
  • Five Nozzles
  • Four Empty Tanks
  • Four Gaskets
  • Four Blue Nozzle Holders
  • One Power Cable
  • One Quick Installation Guide
  • One Quick User Guide
  • One Polyprint USB Key
  • One Registration Key
  • Max Spray Area: 16" x 24"
  • Spraying Method: Y axis movement precision spraying
  • Spraying Direction: Uni-Directional
  • Nozzles: 4 nozzles
  • Liquid Quality Selection: 14-40ml per spray
  • Number of Tanks: 4 x 5 Lt tanks: 2 x pretreatment liquids, 1 x cleaning liquid, 1 x maintenance tank
  • Dimensions: 41" L x 33" W x 30" H
  • Weight: 229 lbs
  • Power: 110V

The Polyprint Pretreater Pro includes a "bumper-to-bumper" one year warranty.

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Manufacturer Polyprint
Manufacturer Leadtime 2 Weeks
Print Applications Direct-to-Garment
Printer Type Direct-to-Garment