Kan't Kopy Security Paper With Unauthorized Watermark - Gray (500 sheets)


Kan't Kopy Safety Paper is ideal for original manuscripts, coupons, reports, checks, prescriptions, legal documents, games, contests, stock certificates, direct mail, award certificates, gift certificates, and other security-sensitive applications.

When documents, reproduced on Kan't Kopy Paper, are copied a "UNAUTHORIZED" pattern appears on the copies. This internationally-patented process uses special printing technique to create the pattern on both black & white and color photocopies of the original document. Scans of the original also appear "VOID". A special viewer will reveal the pattern. The illusion is created by lines intersecting at various angles. Sheets are printed in red, blue & green. The finished Kan't Kopy Paper is packed in 250-sheet packs and 10-pack cases.

Security features:
  • Pantograph (Hidden Message) When unauthorized persons try to copy or scan your original, a Void, Rx Invalid or Unauthorized Copy hidden message, built into the paper, appears on the copy, making the copy useless.
  • Color Match The original colors of Kan't Kopy papers cannot be reproduced with any type of copying process.
  • Kan't Kopy Watermark An artificial watermark is manufactured onto the paper.
  • Guard against erasing/modifying
  • 99% guarantee against newest technologies
Kan't Kopy Security Paper is also available in:
  • 11" x 17"
  • 18" x 23" (special order size)
  • 23" x 35" (special order size)
  • We can also custom cut to any size you may require (minimum order requirement).
Kan't Kopy is also available in two styles -- K1 & K2:
  • K1 is our standard security paper with the VOID hidden message and color match protection.
  • Our K2 Kan't Kopy Safety Paper also has the VOID hidden message, embedded fibers that glow under a black light, chemical stain security measures plus the paper is UV Dull and will not glow under a black light. K2 is ideal for high security applications.
More Information
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Manufacturer Kan't Kopy
Color Double-Sided Gray (Unauthorized)
Sheets per Pack 250 sheets