Jetcol DHS Sublimation Paper Roll - 120 GSM - 17" x 236' - OVERSTOCK

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Incredible quality on hard substrates

Jetcol® DHS offers a way to print complex images with stunning quality on to hard surfaces faster that ever before. This revolutionary dye sublimation paper is equipped with a coating that keeps the ink on the surface of the paper. This leads to a reduction of transfer time using less ink with greater transfer yield resulting in a larger color gamut for brighter, vibrant results.

Jetcol® DHS Markets

Decor Hard Surface

Promotional Hard Surface

Dye sublimation manufacturers, whether desktop or wide format, are always looking for a way to increase their production capabilities while reducing labor and consumables costs without adding equipment. This seemed nearly impossible until we created Jetcol® DHS with a patented coating that uses 40% less ink with about 50% less transfer time. This allows manufacturers to increase production by almost 100% while using less consumable ink. Improving their bottom-line without increasing cost.


  • Do not use too much ink. Jetcol DHS needs less ink for deeper colors due to the high transfer yield of applied ink amounts. Create a new profile or use the Jetcol DHS color profile in Sawgrass VPM or other printer driver for best results.


    High transfer yield

    Requires a shorter transfer time

    Large color gamut

GSM 120
Ink Coverage
Transfer Yield
Dry Speed


    Image must be printed in reverse

    Desktop and wide format to print on the side without the grid

Shelf Life: This product has a 1 year guarantee from the date of receiving if stored and handled as suggested below.

Storage & Handling: Store paper in original packaging only. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Place roll in printing room 24 hours prior to printing to acclimate to conditions. Do not leave rolls hanging on printer.

Print Room Settings

    Ideal print room temperature is 73°F (23°C) and 50% relative humidity

    Maintain ideal print room climate control for good dimensional stability, flatness or paper and faster ink drying

General Transfer Instructions

Protect the press from sublimation dye by covering the platen silicone / Teflon sheet

Place printed paper image-side-down on top of blank substrate

Hold paper with heat-reistant tape - after transfer remove paper quickly in even motion

Available Sheets

Mug Size 4" 9.5"
Letter 8.5" 11"
A4 210mm 297mm
Legal 8.5" 14"
Legal / Tabloid 11" 17"
A3 297mm 420mm
Super A3 13" 19"

Recommended Transfer Settings

Temperature: 385° - 400°F
(195° - 205°C)
Pressure: Medium to heavy
Time: 30 Seconds*

*Depending on type / size of substrate, transfer time can vary from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

More Information
Manufacturer Neenah Coldenhove
Print Applications Dye-Sublimation
Core Size 3" Core
Roll Length 236'
Roll Width 17" wide
Media Width (up to) 24"