Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS 24" Vinyl Cutter and Stand - DEMO MODEL

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CE6000-60 PLUS
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Demo model opened and used at Coastal facilities for demonstration purposes only.

These Graphtec CE6000-60 cutting machines feature faster cut time, precision cutting and a fast and accurate digital servo motor. Graphtec is known for quality and long-lasting machines and their new CE6000 cutters don't disappoint! These cutters also come equipped with the new Graphtec Studio Software, which makes designing and cutting an easy task. Graphtec Studio is an easy to use design software that has been developed exclusively for Graphtec to create original designs to be used for a variety of graphics applications such as signs, banners, print and cut decals, apparel decoration, and other two-dimensional projects. These cutters also feature a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. We have also included everything you need to get your sign business up and running at full speed with quality sign vinyl and all of the required accessories!

Box Includes:

  • Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS Vinyl Cutter
  • Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS Cutter Stand
  • Graphtec Cutting Master 4 Software
  • Graphtec Pro Studio Software
  • Graphtec 45° Blade
  • Lifetime Technical Support

Cutter Features:

  • Auto registration mark sensor (perfect for print and cuts)
  • Fast and accurate digital servo motor
  • 4 point, dual-axis skew correction
  • Tangential control enhanced precision
  • Graphtec Studio Software
  • Plug-ins available for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw
  • Add Great Dane Graphics Digital Photo Frames Volume 1 (optional) or Great Dane Graphics Digital Photo Frames Volume 2 (optional)

Graphtec Studio Software Features:

  • Intuitive drawing tools for making lines, arcs, circles, squares, rectangles, polygons, free-hand, and curved lines.
  • Text tools with all the control of a word processor.
  • Grouping, ungrouping, and object alignment.
  • Move, edit, or delete points to reshape objects to create a unique look.
  • Manipulate objects by resizing, rotating, mirroring.
  • Advanced design features such as Shadows and Outlines to objects.
  • A unique Erase tool to remove object sections or elements.
  • Modify objects shape by merging them with Weld, Subtract, Crop, and Divide.
  • Copy objects by using Replicate, with innovative ways of making patterned copies.
  • An easy-to-use bitmap tracing feature for creating outlined versions of bitmap logos as well as contour cut lines.
  • Automatically generated registration marks makes the decal print and cut process accurate and simple.
  • Elements can be filled with custom colors, gradients, and pattern fills.
  • Connecting several cutters at once
  • Having more control of the connected cutter settings.

Cutter Specifications:

  • Maximum cutting area: 23.7 x 164 ft.
  • Compatible media widths: Min - 2"/Max - 53"
  • Maximum cutting speed: 30" per second
  • Maximum cutter force: 20 gf - 450 gf
  • Maximum media thickness: 10 mils
  • Compatible media types: self-adhesive vinyl film, light reflective film (except high-luminosity), etching resist, paint-masking film, rhinestone pattern media, heat transfer vinyls, image transfer media, vinyl print media, card stock up to 10 pt (220 g/m)
  • Display panel: Graphic LCD with backlight (240 dots by 128 dots)
  • Dimensions: 60.7" x 29" x 49.2"
  • Shipping weight: 99 pounds
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Manufacturer Graphtec
Print Applications Heat Transfer Vinyl