Digi-Trans - No Weed Laser Heat Transfer Paper


Digi-Trans laser heat transfer paper was specifically created to print t-shirts while leaving NO background or "feel" behind - except where your custom design is printed! This revolutionary transfer paper requires only one press application step, and leaves an incredibly light and soft hand in the printed area, with absolutely no background -- the self-weeding technology lays down adhesive only where your image is printed onto the shirt! This eliminates the need to trim your heat transfer paper before applying to a t-shirt and works best on a full logo or clean, bold graphic. Not recommended for photographs or designs with drop shadows, gradients, and skin tones.


  • Laser printable heat transfer paper for t-shirts and apparel items - compatible with most standard laser printers
  • Self-weeding heat transfer paper transfers your image with NO excessive background residue or "feel"
  • Single-step application with self-weeding properties is efficient for production
  • Can be applied to 100% cotton, polyester, or blend fabric types of white/light-color - best with tight weave fabrics


  • Image Requirements: Works best with bold graphic images with bright color - Not recommended for photographs or designs with drop shadows, gradients and skin tones.
  • For most standard laser printers - please note, due to the widely varying nature of laser printing technology on the market, we cannot guarantee papers with ANY laser printers outside of the OKI Data models that we support. We recommend trying a sample pack, and checking with the manufacturer ahead of time to ensure your printer does not heat up over 350F to ensure best results.
  • Must be applied by heat press application only - cannot be applied with conventional home iron
  • Heat transfer paper with proper storage (cool, dark, sealed location) typically has a shelf life of one year
  • Not recommended to be used with HP or Brother printers due to lower quality of toner.
  • See full application instructions under More Information
We encourage our customers to test the product before purchasing large quantities - Sample packs are available 
More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Compatible Fabric Color White/Light Colors
Compatible Fabric Cotton, Polyester
Self-Weeding? Yes