Cutting Mat/Carrier Sheet - 9" x 13.5" - 2/pack


Use with the Silhouette Cutting Machine when using media such as paper, cardstock, or material that only have one layer. This will allow you to cut through the media without harming your machine and it will allow for small pieces to be used. One side has a tacky backing for keeping your media securely in place.

This carrier sheet is also a great tool to allow you to print a full 8.5"x11" sheet during a print and cut application on heat transfer paper. When using an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, you are not able to print full 8.5"x11" image. This is because the registration marks must be a certain amount of space away from the edges and top of the paper in order for the cutter to grasp the paper. But with this mat, it is possible! Simply print your image with registration marks like usual but position the marks as far out on the paper layout edge as possible, place the paper on this mat, and place in cutter. No more worrying about registration mark placement and margins.

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Manufacturer Graphtec