Stainless Steel Sublimation Hip Flask - 8oz.


Flasks are timeless and trendy accessories! The smooth stainless steel surface is coated for sublimation printing that will make any flask a perfect custom gift. Due to the curvature of this item, we recommend using a flask silicone wrap in a convection oven for best sublimation results. These elegant flasks are great for party hosts, promotional gifts, bridesmaids or groomsmen or just your favorite social drinker!


  • Stainless steel finish with dye-sublimation transfer coating
  • Holds 8 oz. liquid volume
  • Printable Size: 3.5" x 4.875"
  • Total Size: 3.5" x 5.5"
  • For best results, use with flask wrap in convection oven. Can also be pressed in 3D vacuum presses, and in some cases, cap presses with the exact curvature cap platen.
  • Rust-resistant
  • Not recommended with use with acidic liquids
  • See full application instructions under more information.

Pressing Instructions for Sublimation Flasks with Flask Wrap:

  • Temperature: 400F
  • Time: 9-10 Minutes
  1. Print image in reverse
  2. Remove lid of flask prior to pressing
  3. Cover with heat pad
  4. Wrap flask wrap around the outside and secure clasp
  5. Place in pre-heated convection oven
  6. Press according to above time/temperature/pressure
  7. After oven time elapses, remove wrap and paper immediately.
  8. Cool in water immediately.

*If testing for the first time, try 9 minutes at first and see if time needs to be extended for a more vibrant transfer. If the transfer is blurry/browned, reduce time.

Pressing Instructions for Sublimation Flasks with Cap Heat Press:

  • Temperature: 400F
  • Time: 45 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm
  1. Print image in reverse
  2. Attach transfer to flask using thermal tape
  3. Remove lid of flask prior to pressing
  4. Position in heat press transfer on top
  5. Press according to above time/temperature/pressure
  6. After pressing, remove paper immediately.
  7. Allow the flask to cool completely before reattaching lid and placing in packaging

*Please note, not every cap heat press platen will be curved exactly with the flask shape. We recommend you buy one flask initially to test with.

More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Color No
Print Applications Dye-Sublimation
Substrate Material Stainless Steel
Item Height No
Item Width No
Thickness No
Finish No
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