Zoom AE All-Electric Direct to Garment Pretreatment Machine - 17" x 20"


Looking for the fastest and most consistent solution for pretreatment solution application for your printshop? The new Zoom AE Electric pretreatment sprayer is an industrial, state-of-the-art applicator that can pretreat garments quickly, easily, and consistently at the touch of a button - and, with zero "out spray"!

This floor saving all-electric model comes with no air compressor requirements, and features an instant on/offf spray nozzle that can be changed in seconds. The Lawson Zoom AE is ideal for basic to sophisticated spraying of pretreatment solution, plus, it's easy as one-two-three! Just pull out the drawer, load the shirt, and push the start button, and get back to printing!

The new all-electric model also offers the greatest ease in set-up and usage, and pays for itself by dramatically increasing production efficiency, decreases waste, enhances print quality, and uses far less pretreat solution, for an overall increase in profits. Not only will you spend considerably less time pretreating and second guessing application, you're going to enjoy the quality, speed, and consistency that is delivered by every Zoom AE pretreatment sprayer.

This item does require a crating fee of $295 in order to be shipped, and is unable to be shipped for free. Please contact us for more details, and to receive a quote including freight expenses!

Why Purchase a Pretreatment Machine?

  • Speed: Automatic application of pretreat solution with no second guesses or mistakes will quadruple your production. Pretreat most items in less than 10 seconds - and many items in only 7 seconds!
  • Quality Prints: Pretreatment machines are the most consistent and reliable methods of pretreatment, and the Lawson Zoom-AE sprays the perfect amount of pre-treatment every time, on every garment, so you get quality direct-to- garment prints, every time, every day.
  • Simple-to-Maintain: The Zoom-AE has the largest viewing window, and the largest chamber access panels in the industry, allowing for easy viewing and clean-up. Also, Lawsons instant on/off and self-aligning spray nozzel is the easiest to use and clean.
  • All-Electric, Quiet & Safe Operation: Use standard 120 volt, plug-in wiring, spray with no noise, and operate with zero out-spray.
  • Common Parts: The Zoom-AE uses common parts, so your long-term costs are minimized and maintenance is easy to do yourself.
  • A Warranty by an Industry Leader: The Lawson Zoom-AE is supported by a complete 1 year parts, bumper-to-bumper, warranty (nozzles/tips and filters excluded) and Lawson's exclusive 24 hour filters excluded) a support hot-line.
Product Features:
  • All-Electric, Space-Saving Design
  • Floor Model Design (legs may be removed if desired)
  • Large Spray Area: up to 17" x 20"
  • Zero Out-Spray Design
  • Manual Easy-Slide Drawer
  • Garment Tuck Tray - large enough to accommodate t-shirts and large hoodies
  • Adjustable Spray Area Length - sliding front and rear sensors
  • Quick-Change Twist On/Off Spray Nozzle (self-aligning, no tools and instant)
  • Extra Large, Angled Viewing Window
  • Extra Large Chamber Access Panel
  • DC Motor-Drive - Easily Accessible - mounted on top, outside the spray chamber
  • Two (2) Gallon Size Solution Containers, Mounted on Side of Unit, and easily Visible
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Rugged All Metal Construction
  • One-Year Limited Parts Warranty
Optional Features:
  • Additional Left or Right Chest Spray Nozzle, with independent On/Off switch: $395
  • Storage Shelf: $75
  • WENL Nozzle/Tip: $45
  • Floor Casters: $195
  • Extra Spray Tips/Nozzles: $45
  • Digital Gram Scale (Primo): $69.95
  • Custom Platens: $195
  • Domestic Crating: $295.00
  • Export Crating: $395
  • European Union Compliance Package: $495
  • Specifications:
    • Direct-to-Textile?: Yes
    • Number of Spray Heads: 1 (optional 2nd Left/Right Chest Head)
    • Spray Path Width: 17"
    • Spray Path Length: Adjustable up to 20"
    • Dimensions (w/ , w/o legs): With legs: 34" x 27" x 52"
    • Without legs: 34" x 27" x 24"
    • Electrical Requirements: 120 volts, standard plug-in wiring
    • Air Requirements: None
    • Solution Containers: Two (1) gallon containers
    • Uncrated Weight: 150 lbs.
    • Leg Kit Weight: 30 lbs.
    • Est. Crate Size: 32" x 58 " x 32" (60" with legs assembled)
    • Est. Crated Weight: 280 lbs.
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