At Coastal, we strive to offer a large assortment of the latest and most popular sublimation blanks for you to decorate. And today, we are thrilled to announce the addition of a brand new sublimation blank that you are going to love.

Meet the Coastal Color-Changing Socks for Sublimation

The new Coastal Color-Changing Socks for Sublimation are a game-changer and represent some of the latest technology in the apparel decoration industry. Available exclusively at Coastal Business Supplies, the socks are made with a patented heat-activated polyester. While the socks initially appear black, they turn white when activated by body heat.

This allows you to sublimate full-color designs onto the socks that remain concealed until worn. Simply put the socks on, and your sublimated designs will come to life!

For those of us who like a little surprise in our lives and don’t want to know which socks we are wearing until they are on us, the Color-Changing Socks are perfect! If you are familiar with our color-changing sublimation mugs, which change colors when you add a hot beverage, these socks work very similarly.

Pressing Instructions

Sublimating the Color-Changing Socks is easy! In fact, it’s no different than any of our other polyester socks for sublimation. You will first print your sublimation design in reverse, then affix your transfer to the socks (you can use thermal tape or an adhesive spray). Then you will press the socks for 40 seconds at 390°F with medium pressure.

Pre-Order Yours Today!

The Coastal Color-Changing Socks will be initially available in both knee-high and crew socks for adults and kids (no-show socks may be added at a later date). Because of the anticipated demand for this product, we have decided to start taking pre-orders ahead of the full product launch, which is expected to coincide with the launch of the Siser EasySniff Scratch-and-Sniff HTV and the Self-Sublimating Mugs.

To place your pre-order, please give us a call at 1-277-453-6657 or 1-APR-ILF-OOLS.