Get excited! The latest in hobby cutting machines, the Brother ScanNCut DX, has made its way to The ScanNCut DX is versatile, easy-to-use and is equipped with loads of features you will love. The first question you probably have is, “Well, how is this different than the Cricut or CAMEO?” A number of things set the ScanNCut DX apart from other hobby cutters. Let’s dig into its main features.

 1. Built-in Scanner

Arguably the most standout feature of the Brother ScanNCut DX is its ability to scan virtually anything – from handmade drawings to magazine clippings and even designs you’ve printed on heat transfer paper. When you scan one of your designs, they are saved to the  ScanNCut’s memory where you can tweak and edit your designs directly on the 5” LCD display – no computer necessary.

Brother ScanNCut DX

This makes printing and cutting a breeze. If you’ve ever printed T-shirts using heat transfer paper, you’ll know that it’s often necessary to cut around the design. When you print a design on heat transfer paper such as 3G Jet Opaque (or even heat transfer vinyl like Siser EasySubli), simply load your printed sheet into the ScanNCut, scan the design, and then it will cut around the image! Easy peasy.

Brother ScanNCut DX Scanned Image

 2. Blade Sensor Technology with Auto Blade

The second slickest feature of the Brother ScanNCut DX is its Blade Sensor Technology, which enables the cutter’s auto blade to automatically detect your material’s thickness and adjust the blade accordingly. There’s no need to manually adjust your blade or select which material you’re using!

The Brother ScanNCut DX can also cut all the way up to 3mm (0.1”) in thickness, so you can cut thicker materials like foam, cork, and felt – in addition to thinner fabrics, vinyl, and paper.

Brother ScanNCut DX AutoBlade

 3. On-Screen Editing

The ScanNCut DX comes equipped with a 5” LCD touchscreen, which allows you to weld, rotate, resize, and edit designs directly on the screen – no PC or mobile device required! You can simply scan in designs, edit, and cut straight from your ScanNCut DX.

Brother ScanNCut DX On-Screen Editing

The ScanNCut DX also comes loaded with 682 built-in designs, including 100 quilt patterns and 9 fonts! This makes it easy to dive in and start creating – no matter your experience level!

 4. It’s Quiet!

Cutting plotters – especially entry-level machines – can be quite noisy, which isn’t ideal for every environment. The Brother ScanNCut DX, however, features Whisper Quiet technology, making it conducive for crafting at night, in offices and in other quiet spaces.

 5. The Freedom of Wireless!

“I love plugging my computer into my cutting plotter,” said no one ever. Enjoy wireless freedom with the ScanNCut DX, which comes wireless network-ready out of the box. It connects wirelessly to your PC or mobile device to transfer cut data from the Brother CanvasWorkspace application.

 6. CanvasWorkspace

While the Brother ScanNCut DX can scan, cut and perform all of its functions independently and without a computer, there may be times where you’d like to edit and create your designs on your PC or mobile device. For that, there is CanvasWorkspace, a cloud-based web application where you can create and edit cut files, access free templates, perform image tracing and more!

Brother CanvasWorkspace

CanvasWorkspace is a super convenient way to create and enhance your designs and then transfer them wirelessly to your ScanNCut. Since it’s in the cloud, you can access it anywhere! If you prefer, there is also a PC-compatible version that you can download.

 7. Did Someone Say 6 Feet?

You betcha! When paired with the optional ScanNCut DX Roll Feeder, you can cut materials up to 6’ long, which is perfect for larger projects like car decals and signage. Without the roll feeder, you can still scan and cut up to 12” x 24.” 

 Brother ScanNCut DX 6 Feet of Vinyl

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! The ScanNCut DX is a small, desktop cutting machine, but don’t let its size fool you! The ScanNCut DX is packed with robust features like a built-in scanner, auto blade, and on-screen editing! We love our ScanNCut, and we know you’ll love yours, too.

For more information including specifications on the Brother ScanNCut DX, you can check out its product page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give our Customer Success Team a call at (800) 562-7760 or email us at [email protected].