AIT 7360 IJO 60" Sport Rotary Heat Press

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The new oil heated 7360 IJO Sport rotary heat press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing. This method is widely used to print sport and team apparel. The new oil heating system guarantees a uniform heat distribution across the width of the drum with a minimum of energy consumption. This system uses 50% less energy than electrically heated presses. The 8" diameter drum is suitable in production speed for digital printing.

The 7360 Sports series is designed to feed the transfer paper into the heat press with the design side facing up for easy cut part registration. The unwind/rewind systems which are standard with the machine allow multiple ways of feeding the machine:

  • Sheet paper with cut fabric parts which require registration to the design
  • Roll to roll print paper with cut fabric parts
  • Roll fabric with cut transfer paper
  • Roll to roll paper and fabric

  • Cylinder diameter: 8"
  • Production: 2 ft/minute
  • Substrate handling system: 3 unwinds and 3 rewinds
  • Electronic belt tracking - no air required
  • Oil heated calendar with 2 electronic thermostats (one for checking the oil and one for the exterior of the drum)
  • Adjustable speed with digital control
  • Automatic cool down system at the end of the work day safely turns off the machine when it reaches 176 F
  • Oil heated drum consumed about half of the electrical power as do all electric models
  • Aluminum feed table for part lay-up
  • Light weight mechanical locking shafts (no cones required) replace the steel rod/tapered cone system on the unwin/rewind stations
  • A new single roll, center pivot tracking system for the felt
  • New lanyard reversing system across the entire width provides safety
  • All electric control system requires no air to operate machine
  • Working width: 60"
  • Power installed: 25A
  • Average consumption: 15A
  • Belt size: 66"
  • Packing weight: 2,200 pounds
  • Crating fee: $850 - domestic
More Information
Manufacturer AIT
Color White
Features None
Heat Press Size 60" wide
Press Style NA
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