3D Sublimation Silicone Vacuum Heater Bag for 3D Sublimation Heat Press


This silicone vacuum bag is the perfect accessory to add to your 3D Sublimation Heat Press system. This silicone bag allows for easy double-sided pressing at the same time, as well as accentuated "bleedover" effects with thicker substrate items. Products such as the sublimation ceramic ornaments, poker chips, and magnets (and others!) can be pressed with fuller images that wrap multiple contours of the item, for an ultimately unique gift product!

  • Size: 12.5" x 16"
  • Material: Approx. 1/8" thick silicone rubber
  • Attaches to 3D Sublimation Heat Press with straw/hose attachment
  • Can be used with ornaments, poker chips, magnets, and more!
  • Allows for double-sided pressing at the same time, and greater imprintable application of your transfer!
  • Air channels on the inside allow for precise and consistent vacuum performance!
  • Note: For use with a 3D Sublimation Heat Press only!
  • Preheating of bag is not required.
  • Remove metal/silicone cover tray from vacuum compartment, and detach hose.
  • Print transfer on item of your choice, attach with thermal tape, and place in bag.
  • After arranging printable items in the bag, attach hose to vacuum bag straw, and press the VACUUM button on the press panel to begin suction.
  • When bag has completely collapsed around items, place bag into press compartment, and press according to time and temperature recommended for item.
More Information
Manufacturer Coastal
Color N/A
Media Thickness N/A
Roll Width 44" wide
Sheets per Pack 50 sheets
Paper/Sheet Size N/A
Time Frame N/A
Finish N/A
Shape N/A
Compatible Fabric N/A
See Full Instructions/Documentation N/A