3D Sublimation Printing Film for Desktop Sublimation Printers

Categories: 3D Sublimation Film

The frosted-transparent silicone 3D sublimation transfer film is the perfect addition to any vacuum printing workflow. It doesn't completely replace sublimation paper in instances of printing photo panels, mugs, or similar items, but when it comes to three-dimensional items with unique contours like the 3D phone cases and ceramic plates, it is able to achieve transfers to complex curves and contours without any wrinkling or ripping in the paper. The highly conformable nature of the film and excellent release properties allow for beautiful, vibrant, and most importantly, seamless vacuum press transfers onto phone and table cases, plates, slates, glass frames, and more. The sheet packs arrive packaged in protective aluminum pouch-sleeves for the ultimate protection.

There are many varieties of sublimation transfer film available on the market, but the transparent 3D sublimation film offers the absolute highest quality transfer, clarity of details, accuracy of color, and ultimately - ease of use. Extensive preheating processes are not required for beautiful, seamless transfers, and no more origami folding is necessary for the perfect transfer! This film has been tested with the Ricoh and Epson sublimation printers using Sawgrass SubliJet inks.

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Manufacturer Coastal
Paper/Sheet Size N/A
Roll Width No
Sheets per Pack N/A
Compatible Print Type Sublimation