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Using the Graphtec Vinyl Cutters with heat transfer paper:

Tired of the "transfer paper border" that all papers leave behind causing you to trim your images by hand? Now combined with your printer, Graphtec Vinyl Cutters are a great solution for professional looking transfers. With the use of Graphtec's Software or Adobe Illustrator/CorelDraw, you can print and cut your own images like a pro.

Compatible Transfer Papers
We offer transfer papers that can be successfully cut with a vinyl cutter/plotter. These transfer papers are constructed of two layers - a backing sheet and a top transfer sheet. With the proper force settings on your cutter, you can cut through just the top transfer sheet giving you a clean and professionally cut design.

  • RedGrid for Light Fabrics
  • JetPro SofStretch Inkjet Heat Tranfer Paper for Light Fabrics
  • Coastal's Inket Opaque Heat Tranfer Paper for Dark Fabrics
  • 3G Jet Opaque Inkjet Heat Tranfer Paper for Dark Fabrics
  • Jet Dark Inkjet Heat Tranfer Paper for Dark Fabrics
  • Glo-Jo Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper for Darks
  • Laser 1 Opaque for darks

    Note: In order for the cutter to grasp the transfer sheet while feeding, it must apply margins around the paper. It places a 2" margin from the top of the paper. Keep in mind that considering the margin, you will not be able to print and cut a full 8.5"x11" image. If you would like to print your design 8" x 9" or larger, consider purchasing 11" x 17" size heat transfer paper (be sure that your printer is capable of printing tabloid size paper if so).

    How it works with the Graphtec Cutter:
  • Set-up, connect, and install your cutter and the included Robo Master Program on your computer. Install the plugin for Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw if you would like to you one of those programs instead.
  • Connect your printer to your computer.
  • Create your design in your favorite design program and save as either a jpg, eps, or tiff. (Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw Users are able to print and cut right from your software with help of the included plug-in.) Mac users must use Adobe Illustrator-RoboMaster is for Windows only.
  • Choose your layout size (paper size). Adjust your registration marks as needed. (Illustrator & CorelDraw users will do this within their Cutting Master Plugin)
  • Import your image into the RoboMaster Software. Here you can resize and position your image.
  • Apply the cut lines. RoboMaster has a feature that automatically figures the cut lines for your image. If needed, you can add or delete cut lines for a more precise cut.
  • Send your image to your printer.
  • Load your finished print into the cutter in the correct position, lower your blade force, and cut.