"I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your business as a whole is! I have been ordering with you guys ever since I started my business and found you online and I have had nothing but great experiences. I've been called minutes after an order if there were any issues and I get my order the next day despite the time I make the order!! The products are great every time and I am referring you to anyone I can. Thank you so much for such great business!!"

- Amber (Illinois)

"I have done lots of shopping on line for my business, but when I go to Coastal I know that I am going to get great service no matter if it is a dumb question or I blanked up an order. From the girls that answer the phone to guys in tech support you can not ask for anything better. I have had some problems as we all do and they go out of there way to make them right and make you feel like you are there best customer. I do not even go anywhere else for sublimation supplies as there is no reason to with the support and pricing you get it would be dumb to go anywhere else. I do transfers and mugs and all kinds of items and was in the market for a cutter wasn't sure which one so I picked up the phone and got all the help I could want and not once was I asked do you want me to order it no push and that makes it so easy to buy from them they are there to help. Now to the other items I get that Coastal does not handleI wish those stores would go spend a couple of days to learn what customer service is really like. Thank you all you guys and gals you really do make life easier. "

- John (Oregon)

"I wanted to share with you my experience with your customer service and shipping department. They continue to process my orders very efficiently and accurately even near closing time. This specific order was for the Picture Lady on 3/13/2015 at 6:45pm. We travel with our photography business and we leave town on short notice on occasion and I needed supplies at the last minute because I would be unable to receive deliveries on the road. Stacy got the order processed very fast at closing time and the shipping department impressed me once again because they put the ink inside of the case of mugs which fit fine and saved alot of postage. They had included some license plates inside of my last order of mugs. Which worked out perfectly last time as well. Up until recently these items had been boxed separately and required additional postage. Although I enjoy free shipping I wanted to commend your shippers for their combining items because in the end there is no such thing as free shipping. As a business owner I realize free shipping for me has to it work for your company..And to be quite honest that is a major deciding factor in me making Coastal my first call instead of the other guys....Good service being the other! Thank you! "

- George B

"Coastal business is the best yet....great products!greatest customer care!!...and of course great business!!always a pleasure doing business wirh coastal business!!!!"

- Alexander

"I would just like to let you guys know how MUCH I appreciate the customer service and product from Coastal, after having to deal with several different companies since December,due to the shortage of the black rimmed/handled sublimation mugs at Coastal. Your customer service, packaging, and product far surpass many other companies out there. It has been frustrating having to deal with companies that sell inferior products and lack in the customer service department when I'm so used to Coastal!"

- Suzanna

"We have made many purchases of several different products from Coastal Business Supplies over the past year. All of their products have been perfect for what we need. Every single product that we offer from our online business, www.constantlyvariedgear.com, consists of materials from Coastal. They are great quality.

One of our favorite things about Coastal is their live chat option. On several occasions we have used it to ask questions and their knowledgeable staff has always been very informative and helpful.

Their shipping is always fast and on time. We love that they offer Fedex shipping so we can receive our package on Saturdays too! We would highly recommend any growing business to trust in Coastal and all they have to offer."

- Mark

"I just wanted to say Thank you for your super fast shipping, good prices and great product. Thank you for using PayPal as it is becoming the choice for online payments.. Thank you for the prompt notifications. Thank you Thank you Thank you."

- Craig

"I just wanted to say that your customer service is exceptional and whatever you guys are doing please keep it up. You have made a lifelong customer on your service alone. Thanks and take care."

- Dave

"The service is great from Coastal. Have been using the company for sublimation supplies, super fast shipping and great customer service. Stumbled onto their website and have been ordering since the pricing is very competitive and the shipping rates are the most reasonable I've found."

- Jody

"I recently placed an order with Coastal Business for some mug mailers. I promptly received a call from Chelsey, who informed me that they were backordered but that she was going to do her best to get them to me in the timely manner I required. Today, as promised, Chelsey followed up with me not once but twice! First to update me that the shipment had arrived in your warehouse, and then again to give me an ETA on when the order would ship out to me.

I was delighted and impressed to receive such attentive customer service. She was able to help me adjust my shipping address and handled my order with utmost professionalism and care. This superior level of service and pride is a rare and much appreciated gift! I can tell that she really cared about what happened with my order, and it really made my day. I understand that you are Chelsey's supervisor, and I suspect you probably already recognize her exceptionally conscientious and motivated personality. But just in case it has gone undetected -- please know that I certainly appreciated Chelsey's work ethic and positive attitude today!

I will definitely be ordering from Coastal Business again. "

- Maureen

"I'm very happy with Coastal Business Supplies. You used to be my back-up plan for when your competitor was out of stock, but now it’s the opposite. I love the customer service I get and I love the free shipping over $149. It saves me over $200 a month compared to when I was buying from your competitor."
- Shirley

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service and the easy steps to purchasing the product I ordered. I am positive I will come back to you in the future."
- Taryn

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. It has been a very long time since I dealt with anyone from a supplier who was willing enough to answer all my questions and make us feel happy with our purchase. You definitely made everything go smoothly and without issue. Especially for helping up get the printer right away!"
- Chris

"I've never received a package soooo fast. You guys are great! I can tell my products were packed with care. You've got my business. Thank you Coastal!! "
- Deann

"I placed an order late this afternoon. And you have already shipped it. I am so impressed with your company! (I placed an order on Monday as well but it was early in the day - same day shipping on that one, too, but I was very impressed when I logged into my email just now to see that you had already shipped this order. THAT is customer service!) And yes, I've already received the order from Monday - it came yesterday. I really appreciate it!"
- Keri

"Great product. We really don't look anywhere else anymore. Keep up the great service."
- Mandy

"Been purchasing items from your business for awhile! You have a lot of great items that are not over priced. I'm a novice and have purchased multiple sublimation blanks from your company... I'm in!"
- Michelle

"Thanks for sending my order so quickly. It arrived in good shape and the heat press looks great. I'm impressed Coastal Business Supplies and will order from you again."
- Bart

"I placed an order at 5:15 last night and it's already here!! You guys are the best. Customer for life."
- Shelby

"Recently we order a small order of reflective heat transfer to test out your product. Although we have not tested it yet, we did receive it faster than we ever expected!! Using you as a vendor just got a lot more attractive!"
- Tom

"I just emailed to ask about an order- I did not get the name of the rep I spoke to, but she could read my *mind* and was incredibly helpful and friendly. Much appreciated!"

"Oh my gosh! I have been meaning to email or call or something to PRAISE AND RAVE about you guys! I placed my order after 7:00 p.m. one evening last week - and it was delivered to me before 4:00 p.m. THE FOLLOWING DAY!!! Holy cow, that NEVER happens!! I had it delivered to me at work just so I would know that someone was here to accept it and when it came, I went through the office and told everyone how amazed I was!! Everything was there and I have already used the red vinyl to make a shirt for my fiance!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you guys, the customer service and the products. I will definitely be ordering from you again!!! Thank you soooooo much!!"
- Christie

"Consistently excellent service! Anytime I call with a special request they handle it with a smile, and in the rare instance something goes wrong with an order, they fix it quickly and at their cost. I’ve been using Coastal for 7 years and I recommend them highly."
- David

"Thank you! April is AWESOME!!! some one like her will make any company grow."
- Kosmo

"Wow you people have it all figured out! I am not a large customer but you make me feel like I am your best customer no matter how small many of my orders are. Thank You Thank you Thank You!!!!"
- Christine

"Just wanted to say thanks. My order arrived today. I couldn’t believe it. I have trouble getting shipments in under two weeks from most national suppliers in Australia and yours only took 8 days. If the shipping wasn’t so prohibitive from USA to Australia I’d use you as my only supplier. Rest assured, I will be ordering more of those items that we can’t or don’t see in Oz from you."
- Paul

"I am proud customer of Coastal Business. This letter is in reference to the excellent customer service that Maradith Schwandner has provided to my company. Maradith is such a professional Service Specialist and I am very appreciative of the generosity that she has shown and I wanted to acknowledge the job well done!! Continue the excellent work!!!"
- Alvin

"Thank you so much for your call, I appreciate so much the fact, that you are in charge of your customers satisfaction that much. Yes, I did receive everything as I expected it to be, and thank you again on that."
- Reshad

"Hi, Aaron just want to let you know you have a girl by the name of April that has great Customer service Skills. Just bought Cameo from her yesterday and her Service Is Number #. Thanks for having a top Customer Service Specialist."
- Fernando

"Amazing! The best thing you could ever do is having a chat(and be active on t-shirtforum) and beside that, you also have some very qualified people! You make me happy + its good for you business, since i speak with friends on t-shirtforum etc. So thanks and have a good day :)"
- Kevin

"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. I ordered products from you nearly a week ago and received them here in Australia today. I was very excited to get them. Its nice to deal with a company that looks after their customers."
- Suzanne

"Your customer service is great. I had my order confirmation before I hung up the phone. I love that about your company!"
- Joel

"THANKS for the Great Service!"
- James

"Thanks! You guys are great!"
- Sarah

"Omg stop it! Your customer service is wonderful; your company should give seminars! Love our stuff, haven’t played with most of it, remodeling to handle this venture, almost there! Thank you so much for your attention, great shipping and CUSTOMER SERVICE!!"
- Russ

- Jennifer

"One of the reasons Coastal is my preferred vendor for Vinyl is that your folks consistently get my orders shipped out the same day, even when I can’t get to the order until later in the day. Sometimes a day or two makes a huge difference to us, especially when we just ran out of vinyl and have a short deadline to complete the job. Thanks."
- Joe

"I just wanted to comment on how impressed I am with your quick shipping. I basically got the order in one business day. I think I know who my sublimation supplier is going to be now."
- Todd

"To whom it may concern My name is Krishna ( kris) ramsammy, I bought a few item from your company. I just wanted to take the Time to let you know how please I'm with your product. Epically how fast I receive my order. I will continue to buy all my supply from costal business . You guys are the best and I will continue being a faithful costumer . Thank you for taking the time to read this!"
- Kris

"I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the products and the support I have gotten from Coastal. I am entirely new to heat transfer, and originally ordered a transfer sheet because it looked like it would do the job and looked easier to use. After struggling with the (new) heat press & the transfers with no luck, I called for help. I talked with an understanding and knowledgeable gal (didn’t get her name) who decided I needed to use a different transfer sheet. She instructed me on returning the balance of what I hadn’t used & sent me the new ones. The difference was like night & day! Now the transfers are transferring like they should, and everything is coming out great. I just got notification from Bookkeeping today that Coastal credited us back the entire cost of our 1st package of transfers – even though 10 of them had been used. You’ve got a fan!"
- Susan

"I ordered from you guys back in february, and I never got the time to say thank you, and that my transfers turned out great. Hopefully I will need more vinyl soon! Thanks again"
- Kaely

"This order looks good. I love the way the keychains turned out. Can't wait to try the iphone covers. I am very pleased with your company and the personal contact. Thanks for being so prompt with your response. You have been very helpful. We are just getting started with our business on sublimation and so far we are very impressed."
- Judy

"Regarding order 87231: this was my first order with you. I purchased a couple of items that were on special, the prices were great, absolutely great. Then to my surprise, I find out that because my order was over $100, shipping was free. Shipping has been eating my profits alive. Incredible. As if that were not enough, I get my order within two days. Please keep in mind, I don't just hand out compliments, but you folks are nothing short of awesome, and I mean it. THANK YOU"
- Robert

"I have to say...your service in 2nd to none....I have bought from the other big names but you guys win hands down I just bought a George Knight dk20s from you guys and was shipped the same day.. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the service and speed that is shown with all my orders I don't order alot at 1 time but im treated like I am your #1 customer...... thanks to all at coastal...My 1 stop shop for sublimation"
- Anthony

"Hello, I ordered a 25 pack of red grid inkjet heat transfer paper on March 12th and received it today March 17. This is the first time I have placed an order with your company and have to say that I am very impressed. Shipping was fast and the product was exceptional. I have been searching for a heat transfer paper that didn't leave a shiny finish and was professional looking even without using professional equipment. I was extremely pleased with the results. I will be purchasing all my heat transfer paper from you. Thanks!"
- Yuki

"Hi, I ordered the 11-rg50 [Red Grid InkJet Heat Transfer Paper] a few days ago, was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it came. I ran a sample the same day and was quite impressed with the results. I will be doing business with you again."
- Jeff H

"Hello, we placed our very first order two days ago after watching your site for several months and doing a lot of comparison shopping. We have been screen printing for a few years, and are getting into sublimation and vinyl. I can't tell you how surprised we were when we received our product the NEXT day! Everything was packed carefully and we were very pleased with not only your prices, but that you offer free shipping. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you about our great experience. We look foward to doing more business with you!"
- P. Anderson (Illinois

"I just wanted to write a brief note to tell you about how great of an empoyee you have in Jessica Essary. We just started in the t-shirt business within the last month and purchased all our equipment and supplies from Coastal. From the very first phone call Jessica was a HUGE help getting our business going. She helped us every step of the way. Because of her superior business ethics we will make Coastal our first choice for all our supplies and future purchases. Bottom line Jessica is a pleasure to do business with."
- A. Warner (New Jersey

"Your prices are great, service is superb, and how many businesses give so generously to charities EVERY time you buy. I look forward to receiving my Geo Knight clam shell press and to always being able to have excellent contact with you."
- D. Manley (Abington, MA

"Subject: Thanx from Switzerland:
I've just received the gear I ordered from you and I'm very happy with it. Thank you for being so efficient and caring.
Special thanks to Kim. Best!

- Y. Saraillon (Switzerland

"just like to say thank you for always helping me out in my new journey into t-shirts, mugs and more.. any questions I've asked concerning vinyl, transfers, cutters, etc you've been there to help me out! It's rare and greatly appreciated!!!"
- T. Palmer (Deshler, OH

"Dear Coastal,
As a new customer, I wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with your fast service, great price and superior product! You will certainly be my first choice for future needs! Please let your entire staff know that their efforts have earned your company a customer that will spread the good word! Thanks again!"

- B. Malanick (Sheboygan, WI

"Hi Andrea, I wanted to let you know that I received my heat press this morning (very fast delivery!). I've tested it out and it works wonderfully. I'm a satisfied customer! Thank you for proceeding with the order, and the excellent customer service. Have a good day!"
- C. Pitre (Toronto, ON

"I just wanted to thank you and all the great people you have at your company. We knew nothing about "heat transfer" but knew we wanted to try it for a soccer league. We had to make about 300 shirts...on a budget. The live support was great! She took the time to explain all my options then sent some great free samples. Shirts turned out great and all the kids love them.
Thanks again for all your support!!"

- S. Jack (Boston, TX

"Our company found Coastal Business Supplies as quite a surprise. Our purchase arrived the very next day, the price was several dollars lower than our former supplier and the personnel were very friendly and helpful. We will recommend them to everyone."
- Carolyn (Lufkin, TX

"I just ordered a heat press and a couple of accessories...your website was very informative and placing my order was a breeze! I hope the shipping happens as quickly! Thanks"
- J. Lehman (New Albany, IN

"I just wanted to let you know that I have very much enjoyed Coastal Business's products and in particular, I appreciate the superlative customer service you provide. I do a lot of online shopping and Coastal Business has provided the best customer service by far.
I am very impressed with Stacy B., who has called me after every order to ask about my satisfaction with the product(s). She is helpful, courteous and has been very informative about your products. If all of your other employees are like Stacy, you will indeed have a very successful business."

- D. Dimminger (Redwood City, CA

"What a wonderful surprise!!! Today, I opened my mail and found a donation from your company! On behalf of everyone at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity. In your letter to CFF, You explained first hand some of the goodness in the world."
- L. Ashton Chase (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

"I just want to praise "Stacy" in customer service. I had a question, she not only answered it, but was very helpful in suggestions with what your company could possibly do for my business. She was very courteous and pleasant. Again, she was a pleasure to talk with and if your product is in fact what I am looking for, I will definitely become a mail order customer. Thanks Again Stacy and I look forward to trying out your products."
- A. Smith-Hill

"This is Jimmy from ProMotion Designs here in Detroit just wanting to thank you for the superb service over the last week! If you recall, you sent me out some sample transfer paper per my e-mailed request on Febuary 22nd ? Well, I got , tested it , ordered , and you all delivered by 4:55pm the 4th!! Unbelievable! Too many companys treat you like a number these days... its most excellent to feel like one of the big dogs for a change! Thanks again..."
- J. Jones (Eastpoint, MI

"Yes, everything arrived perfectly as usual. I will be placing another order shortly. Thanks for the samples, I havent had a chance to use them yet but am looking forward to trying them!"
- J. Mammone (Fairhaven, MA

"You sent samples of the Supreme and the SS2003. I loved the way the Supreme transfer paper worked. I placed an order for 8.5x11 and for 11x17 on Sunday morning. Hope they get here quick. thanks for your quick response - out of 4 different companies that I emailed for info - you were the only one to respond."
- G. Hermes (Valley View, TX

"It appears to me that you and your company have got your stuff together with communication and promptness. Being in business myself, I really appreciate that."
- D. Hazlett (Lakeland, FL

"Coastal Business is a great company to work with. Not only do they ship immediatly when placing an order they will also give you advice on how to use a product. They also follow up to make sure everything is going smoothly. I would reccomend them to anyone. Keep up the good work."
- R. Knarr (Brighton, MI

"You have a very informative web-site. I am just beginning a transfer business now. I called your business today and placed an order. I am looking forward to getting my transfer papers and a catalog in a couple of days. The operator, a young lady, was very helpful. I have added your web-site to my favorite list, and will use it in the future. I learned a lot from it. Thanks so much."
- G. Estes (Humboldt, TN

"Coastal Business Supplies is a key element in our success. We own a copy service centre and my Coastal account executive turns our problems into situations that can be solved. She is professional and responsive at all times. I can say with no doubts in my mind that Coastal Business Supplies is a serious and accountable company we are happy to make business with."
- A. Seyegh (Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Great service, What makes great companies are the people in it. Thank you for your assistance. America needs more companies like yours."
- R. Soto (Tampa, FL

"You Have been a big help it is refreshing to find someone with knowledge and great service. Once we try the samples you will get all our business. Thanks Again"
- Gary

"I am one-person consulting shop, so much of what you carry I do not need, and I don't spend very much overall. However, I am very impressed with Coastal, happy to have my presentation folders (had a devil of a time finding them & already let a colleague know that I found them at Coastal), and will certainly look at your products should I have any future needs. In particular, availability was the deciding factor in my purchase, but I also loved the commitment to charity evident at the site. This excellent customer service on top of that clinches the deal."
- L. Fitton (Chalfont, PA)

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