Red Grid 2.0 - Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Roll - 17" x 100' *NEW & IMPROVED!*

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Red Grid 2.0 - Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper Roll - 17" x 100' *NEW & IMPROVED!*

Red Grid 2.0 is the newest reformulation of the incredibly popular Red Grid heat transfer paper! This reinvention of the original classic offers the same easy application and usage with heat presses and conventional hand/home irons, superior vibrance, and now offers a softer hand on fabrics than ever before! Its super-sheer, thin transfer layer allows for transfers with an unbelievably light background polymer, and can also be trimmed by vinyl cutter to remove any excess transfer all together.

Red Grid heat transfer paper can be printed with most inkjet printers and can be applied by either a hand iron or heat press. Due to the unique nature of the heat transfer paper coating, we cannot guarantee this media to work in every printer or vinyl cutting machine.


  • Can be applied to white/light colored t-shirts only. Can be used on cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blends! Test other fabrics before production.
  • Can also be pressed to light-colored canvas materials
  • Compatible with inkjet printers only *
    * Test prior to production with sample packs
  • Can be used with heat press and hand iron application - heat press recommended

Pressing Instructions

  • Print image in reverse
  • Trim with vinyl cutter or by hand, if desired, and remove excess transfer layer
    * We recommend using a small bleed (approximately 1/8") distance around the edge of the design to prevent damage to the printed area by the cutter blade
  • Flip the printed image facedown onto the t-shirt, with paper backing facing you
  • Press at 350F-375F for approximately 15-20 seconds with firm pressure
  • After pressing, lightly stretch transfer horizontally to reduce cracking after the wash and create a softer hand on the garment.
  • If desired, to increase wash durability, recover transfer with silicone or parchment paper sheet, and repress for 15-20 seconds, and lightly stretch transfer again horizontally.

Download Full Print/Application Instructions


  • Please note that this is intended for use with standard dye or pigment inkjet printers only - thermal inkjet printers are not compatible.
  • Due to the internal feed and pinch rollers of various machines and how they grab onto media, certain machines and processes can be damaging to the sensitive coating of the Red Grid transfer media - this can leave voids in your printed image. Please test with your equipment and a sample pack prior to printing/cutting for large production runs.
  • We cannot guarantee that the Red Grid 2.0 transfer media will be compatible with every individual printer - we highly recommend sample and test runs prior to commercial sale or production.
  • As with any transfer paper, we highly recommend testing the paper - both printing and pressing instructions - to find the best settings for your equipment and process before going into commercial production.
  • This paper has a maximum shelf life of 1 year. We recommend storing your paper in an enclosed protective (plastic) bag away from excessive humidity, temperatures, and sunlight for best usage life.
  • Allow finished transfer to 'cure' for 24 hours before first wash.
  • For best wash durability, recommend that transfers be washed inside-out in cold water, with mild detergents that do not contain bleach or similar additives.

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