ImageClip Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" (50 sheets)

Product: 11-imageclip 50
Part Number: 11-imageclip 50

Price: $44.95

ImageClip Heat Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" (50 sheets)

Imageclip is a revolutionary heat transfer proces that eliminates the most annoying aspect of heat transfers - the dreaded polymer window! ImageClip uses a two-step paper system to prevent and trim away the unncessary extra background adhesive from the image before applying your image to a t-shirt for a vibrant, durable, and ultra-soft hand! Plus, the newest formula of this industry favorite self-weeding heat transfer paper now allows it to be used flawlessly in the high performance OKI LED transfer printers for guaranteed quality prints that are printer-safe!

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Quick Info

  • A two-sheet, two-step self-weeding heat transfer paper for laser printing only and transferring onto light or white colored fabrics
  • ImageClip works well with cotton, polyester, and blend fabrics - as well as select synthetics!
  • ImageClip offers excellent washability and consistency of use - and it's now guaranteed in the OKI LED transfer printers!
  • ImageClip self-weeding heat transfer paper must be applied with heat press application only
  • Works best with full-color and bright, bold graphics - this paper transfers solid, bold colors best, so very light pastels and photographs may transfer somewhat inconsistently.
  • Before You Buy: Please note that we cannot guarantee laser papers with any given laser printers, except for the Certified OKI LED transfer printers. We recommend testing with a sample pack, and checking with the manufacturer to ensure your printer's fusing unit does not run over 350F for best results. In some cases, HP or Brother toners and/or printers may not be compatible with this paper for a consistent, durable transfer. We highly recommended testing before production of garments or orders.

Printing Instructions

  • Print your image in reverse with bright, bold colors onto the Imaging Sheet (red-lined sheet)
  • Run the paper through the printer using a straight-through or bypass tray. Utilize a setting for thicker/heavier media, such as "transparency," "label," or "heavy" to slow down the paper and allow more time for the toner to adhere completely. If using an OKI printer, we recommend using the media type setting: Medium.
  • Feed the transfer paper in short-edge first, if possible.
  • If none of these tips work, your printer may be too hot or incompatible with printing laser transfer papers.

Pressing Instructions

First Step:
  • Prepare heat press to 200-210F.
  • After printing image, press Imaging Sheet to Transfer Sheet (green-lined sheet) for 20-30 seconds, using medium to light pressure
  • Once press time has elapsed, peel sheets immediately while hot
  • Your image should be completely covered (on Imaging Sheet) with a thin, white layer of adhesive
Second Step:
  • Prepare heat press to 375F
  • Place ImageClip Imaging Sheet (red-lined) onto garment facedown, and press transfer to t-shirt using firm pressure for 15-20 seconds
  • After pressing, allow the transfer to fully cool, and then peel paper backing sheet
  • Repress transfer for 10 seconds at same application temperature, and then lightly stretch in all directions

Read Full Instructions for application

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