Chemica Hot-Mark Heat Transfer Vinyl - w/ adhesive backing - 15" x 22yds *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!*

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Chemica Hot-Mark Heat Transfer Vinyl - w/ adhesive backing - 15" x 22yds *WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!*

Chemica Hotmark soft, stretchy, easy-to-use heat transfer material is an industry staple in vinyl transfers. Hotmark offers the largest color selection with over 50 colors and all the Hotmark colors are Pantone matched. All of Chemica's vinyl products are Oeko-Tex certified and contain no lead or phthalates. We are offering this premium vinyl at very competitive prices. It features a self-adhesive carrier backing that makes the material very simple to peel and weed.

Quick Info

  • Matte-finish
  • Layers with Chemica, Digi-Cut PU
  • Core size: 3"

Compatible Fabrics:
  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester
  • Cotton/polyester blends
  • Some spandex, synthetic blends
    * Test before applying to garment

Washing/Aftercare Instructions:
  • Machine wash inside-out cold with mild detergent
  • Dry at normal setting
  • Do not use chlorine bleach
  • Can be dry clean

Pressing Instructions

  • Cut design in reverse and weed away outside vinyl material, leaving only your transfer on the clear liner.
  • Preheat garment at 300-340F for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Press vinyl transfer to garment at 300-340F for 15-20 seconds using medium/firm pressure.
  • If layering: Transfer first layers with just 5-10 second press time. Press final color layer for 15-20 secs.
  • Peel the clear liner away once the transfer has completely cooled.

Available Colors:

White Black Royal Blue Navy Blue Red Golden Yellow Light Green Orange Fuchsia Light Blue Brown Gold Silver Bordeaux Purple Fluorescent Yellow Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Pink Lemon Yellow Gray Dark Green Khaki Teal Beige Taupe Pastel Orange Pastel Yellow Caramel Apple Green Raspberry Light Gold Vegas Gold

* Please note that it is impossible to match the exact hues of vinyl material swatches in the color chart shown above, due to differences in internet and screen resolution. Metallic, fluorescent, glitter, and certain textures can not be perfectly represented in a web environment.

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