Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" (50 sheets)

Product: 11-DTLNW 50
Part Number: 11-DTLNW 50

Price: $29.95

Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper 8.5" x 11" (50 sheets)

Coastal's Digi-Trans No Weed Laser Transfer Paper was created specifically to leave NO BACKGROUND around your image! This revolutionary transfer is a single step, self-weeding paper that will only transfer toner to your garment - nothing else! This makes the image appear as if it were screen-printed directly onto your textile.
Digi-Trans No Weed transfer paper eliminates the need to trim around your image before transferring and works best on full color logos or artwork!
Digi-Trans can be utilized on most color laser copiers or color laser printers. We highly recommend feeding Digi-Trans through the printer one sheet at a time. Digi-Trans works well on cotton, cotton/poly blends, polyester and more! This transfer paper cannot be used with a home iron.

Before You Buy:
  • Due to the unique quality of only transferring the toner to garments, this paper has demonstrated less washability than regular transfer papers. Durability MAY be increased by washing garments inside out and not using detergents with bleach or whitening chemicals.
  • Due to the toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, transfers used with these printers have less durability and washability than transfers from other printers. Printers that have a fusing temperature above 350 degrees F will have difficulty printing onto transfer paper and may experience jamming within the printer.
  • Digi-Trans may have difficulty transferring completely when used with gradients, extremely light colors or photographs due to its special transfer qualities.
  • As with most transfer papers, customers may need to go through a trial-and-error period in order to find the heat press settings and pressing process needed to achieve best results.

    Not transferring completely? Make sure that you are using HEAVY pressure on your press -- and if you don't have a pressure adjustment scale, use a setting that you can close comfortably, but requires both hands to close.

    Would you like to try out this paper without having to buy the whole pack? Purchase a 5-sheet sample pack by clicking here!

  • For light garments
  • For heat press use only
  • For laser/CLC printers only


  • Print in reverse, on a heavy paper weight setting
    Example: "Heavy", "Transparency", etc.
  • Place paper on garment, printed side face down
  • Press paper according to following:
    Temperature: 330 F
    Time: 25 seconds
    Pressure: Heavy
  • Wait 15-20 seconds, and peel backing while transfer is still warm
  • Recover transfer with silicone or parchment sheet, and repress for an additional 25 seconds. This step will increase overall durability of the transfer.

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